Ending 2017 feeling like shit is a first. I know ’clean slate’ during New Years is just a concept for some but that belief helps me to be hopeful. Sometimes, hope is all you need to carry on.


2017 was a whirlwind of emotions. Even though I lost stability, security, and a sense of direction, this year also taught me to be brave. Be brave to let go of a toxic environment even though it means leaving your comfort zone too. Be brave to explore, travel, and go places. Be brave to take a risk, to try, to take a leap of faith. It paid off.

I’m hoping that at the end of it all, love will win.


I promised that I will choose to be happy. I did, no matter what cost. I took the bad with the good. This year, I promise to love myself more and accept the love I deserve.


It’s now, it’s never: A Kita Kita kemerut

DISCLAIMER: Eto na naman tayo! Hindi ‘to movie review! Marami lang akong feelings! I’m just a girl feeling feelings!

Omg hi guys kumusta kayo diyan? The good news is: I’m back. Charot good news talaga?? It really feels like a while. I’m going to get right into business cos I don’t want to dramarama sa hapon you guys more than I already did (ty to the people who reached out you are the best!).

Have you watched Kita Kita already? I’m glad that it’s doing really well in theaters! And I’m glad na palabas siya sa SM Calamba kasi hindi ko na kailangang ~lumuwas~ #promdiprobz. Like I said this isn’t a movie review. Kung ire-review ko man ito lang ang masasabi ko:


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I’m struggling.

It’s been a shitty couple of months and I’ve been living in denial, so to speak. It’s only when I woke up this morning that I acknowledged it. I’m in a funk.

I feel stuck.

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Grabe, 26!

I was chatting with my best friend last night when we realized that 1. We became friends when Meteor Garden came out in 2003 in the Philippines and now it’s being remade in a very bongga way (ayon sa chismis), which was what 14 freaking years ago 2. We were 12 at the time and 3) Wow mehn 26 na kami wait lang paano nangyari yun???

Kids, ito ‘yung F4 featuring a kalapati. I don’t like birds pero ang swerte nung kalapati.

Ang purpose nung unang paragraph ay mapagcompute ka at mapatunayan kong may angking talento din naman ako sa Math. Charot.

Last year when I turned 25, I said that I thought there will be some sort of hanash within me. Something na kakatok sa ulo ko at sasabihing “Huy, 25 ka na. So anong plano?” I didn’t panic. I was okay. But, last night, hahaha nakakatawa kasi pareho kaming:

Omg. 26 na tayo.

Ngayon kumatok yung kakatok sabi niya “Hello, ANUNEY???” Mas demanding si bes.

‘Yung totoo wala akong resolution sa mga hanash ko in life and I’ll navigate my way through ‘adulthood’ in the days/weeks/months/years to come but I do know that I am grateful for another +1 in my buhay. Work’s great (walang halong charot). School’s almost done (sana sipagin ako) (please) (please pray for my kasipagan it’s dying). Family’s still funny (yung nanay ko nagbubukas pa rin ng cabinet ko tapos tulog ako tapos gigisingin ako kung bagay ba sa kanya yung damit pag sinabi kong oo half asleep sasabihin nya Bakit?? I can’t haha). My friends are perfect and yung puso ko ayun ok naman hehe.

Madaming hanash lang minsan but there is nothing that a bucket of chickenjoy shared with loved ones can’t fix. Lalo na kapag puro thigh part. ❤

Salamat nga pala sa mga bumati. Wala nang nagwish ng jowa. Nakaramdam ba kayo? Charot.

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My birthday cake is as busilak as me

Ty Lord ty parents ty friends ty ppl 4 diz lyf!

Love you guys like a love song!

P.S. My best friend and I became friends because of Meteor Garden. Sabi ko sa kanya one day, “Nanonood ka ng Meteor Garden? Sinong favorite mo?” Sabi niya, “Si Lei.” And I was like, “Me too!!!” At some point yung nickname niya also transformed to Lei. Wala lang kwento lang.

P.P.S. Diyos ko nasa PS na ako ang dami ko pa ring nasabi.

P.P.P.S. Okay bye.