It’s now, it’s never: A Kita Kita kemerut

DISCLAIMER: Eto na naman tayo! Hindi ‘to movie review! Marami lang akong feelings! I’m just a girl feeling feelings!

Omg hi guys kumusta kayo diyan? The good news is: I’m back. Charot good news talaga?? It really feels like a while. I’m going to get right into business cos I don’t want to dramarama sa hapon you guys more than I already did (ty to the people who reached out you are the best!).

Have you watched Kita Kita already? I’m glad that it’s doing really well in theaters! And I’m glad na palabas siya sa SM Calamba kasi hindi ko na kailangang ~lumuwas~ #promdiprobz. Like I said this isn’t a movie review. Kung ire-review ko man ito lang ang masasabi ko:


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Lessons from Carson: Hope moderately, love fully

Disclaimer: Not a movie review. I’m just a girl feeling feelings who also believes that this film should be watched by many.

Warning: Might contain spoilers!

Hi, guys!

Have you watched I’m Drunk, I Love You. na? Kung hindi pa, you better hurry because some cinemas are already pulling it out (after a week palang!!!) because of idk some shitty system. You can’t really blame it on the lack of demand kasi dine-demand nga siya eh?

Bago ang emote, I want to commend Waltermart Calamba dahil nakikinig sila sa boses ng sambayanan char. When I called them to check kung showing sa kanila ang IDILY, grabe yung energy na sumambat sa akin:

Me: Ah eh. I’m Drunk, I Love You. Hello! Palabas po?

NATARANTA AKO BAKS. Si ate parang tumungga ng Milo. Yung energy niya, yun na yung energy ko for the whole work day. Hindi ko kaya.

Ang ending, wrong number ako kasi sa supermarket siya.

BACK TO REGULAR PROGRAMMING. I’m Drunk, I Love You. is about two (best) friends who went on a road trip (with my favorite Jason Ty) days before graduation. The movie isn’t about heartbreak, or your usual ‘friendzone’ tales.

It’s about real undisclosed feelings and settling the what ifs. In short, closure.


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#HugotHuwebes: Where do broken hearts go nga ba, guys?

DISCLAIMERS: Oo, alam kong hindi huwebes today pero ang hugot ay walang pinipiling araw. Bilang may existing segment (WOW???) na ako PLUS hugot comes with huwebes talaga, pagbigyan niyo na ako on the technicality. Second, this is not a movie review. Hindi ako expert. I’m just a girl, feeling feelings.

Hi guys!!! How are you? Ako, okay naman thanks for asking! I watched That Thing Called Tadhana today with my best friends Lei and Carla. Been waiting for it for a while na rin sa wakas it came out before Valentine’s Day. In case you’re wondering, wala akong ka-date sa Feb 14 so please wala na sanang magtanong. Hindi rin ako naghahanap so please wag niyo rin ako i-pressure.

ANYWAY, I don’t really have an outline for this blog post I just really want to make kwento. My friends and I met up sa Sunstar Mall which is like the only mall in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. U GUYS DON’T UNDERSTAND THE HAPPINESS I FELT NA PALABAS NA SIYA DITO cos I don’t have to go to Calamba which is a 2-hour bus drive from here. #probinsyanaprobz

Bago ako mag-emote, some bloopers:

Carla: Pumasok na tayo sa loob!
Lei: Ayoko pumasok baka makita natin yung dulo may twist daw e.
Carla: ANO????? MAY QUIZ?????


Me: Kay Angelica ‘yung laptop!
Carla: Hindi. Kay JM!
Lei: Hindi hindi. ‘Yung laptop kay Derek.

Walang quiz. Wala rin si Derek sa movie.

OK GUYS. In case you still don’t know what That Thing Called Tadhana is, ANONG URI NG BATO ‘YANG PINAGTATAGUAN MO? Tadhana is about Mace (Angelica Panganiban) and her quest on moving on. Swerte siya kasi may kasama siya – a stranger whom she met at the airport named Anthony (JM de Guzman). Si Anthony ay gwapo, nakatira sa Project 8, at hindi manyak.

JM de Guzman as Anthony in That Thing Called Tadhana

Let’s be honest. Kung manyak man siya, I really won’t care. #JustBeinReal

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I want to talk about her

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Things to look forward to: The Amazing Spiderman

I started this whole ‘things to look forward to’ thing just this Friday. I talked to Jeng, one of my office mates, about my trip to the United States. Jeng understands how difficult it will be for me since she experienced the same when she worked in Japan. She told me that the situation will be more bearable if I list down the things I should look forward to when I get there. Like seeing New York, broadway, new people, culture. Basically, she advised that I should look at the brighter side of things but still consider life’s realities.

#1 in my list would be I’ll be closer to my crushes. Ang deep diba! I swear, I’m excited to pseudo stalk Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Andrew Garfield. Segue na ako to AGarf because The Amazing Spiderman will premiere here in the Philippines on the 29th!

Guys, it’s Andrew Garfield in freaking 3D. My friends would know that I had an AGarf phase last year before graduation. I watched his movies which were all kinda depressing except for The Social Network. Yes, you can say that I loved him before Emma Stone did. PS I am not bitter. Hahaha! 😀

You can say that I’m preparing myself.

I love you, Andrew Garfield. Hoping to see you not in 3D in the nearest future. A girl can dream! ❤