2016’s Bes


With a bang if I may add. Sobrang kupal ng taon na ‘to na hanggang sa huling sandali madami siyang paandar. Pwedeng awat na, mumsh?

BUT! In fairness naman and to 2016’s defense, on a micro-level (naks micro???) it isn’t as bad as it looks. In one of my conversations with Sosep, we agreed that this year for us is pretty okay naman all things considering. It doesn’t hurt to be grateful and celebrate the good things that happened this que horror year.

So that’s what I’m going to do! Presenting my 2016’s bes(t):

1. Hello 25, it me.

aka THE ULTIMATE TEST OF FRIENDSHIP. I spent my birthday with my friends, family, and the love of my life: Jollibee.

2. Live from New York!

I’ve always wanted to fly to NYC and it felt like after THREE FAILED ATTEMPTS and countless hours of waiting at the airport, when the boarding pass was handed to me to FINALLY fly to JFK parang maiiyak yata ako bezzy kasi pakshet +19 hours ‘to of panis laway. Char.


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I also got to spend time with my aunts and cousins which is pretty friggin awesome!



It’s weird that I only got to spend three days with NYC but there is still so much to see and experience! I miss it… wow clingy????? Sana makabalik ako next year! Sana marami rin akong anda!

3. Music!

My resolution for 2016 is to go out more. And go out, I did. Ika nga ng nanay ko, “SAAN NA NAMAN ANG LAMYERDA MO??”

Best pa rin ‘yung eLBindiefest kasi hindi ko kinailangang lumuwas! PLUS, my favorites/friends got to experience the LB crowd for the first time!

Tom’s Story

You can check out their music: tide/edit | Tom’s Story

4. Friends!

Going out more comes with meeting new people and spending more time with the old!

5. Lucas and Tita B diaries was born!

I think we can all agree na ang tunay na ~*star*~ ng taong ito at ng buhay ko yes wow ay aking super duper cute sungit at sutil na pamangkin!

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When people comment na uy ang sarap ng may bata sa bahay kasi may laruan kami. Ang totoo niyan, kaming lahat ang laruan ni Lucas. Hindi mo ‘yan mauuto. Laging may panabla hindi ka mananalo diyan!

Patay nga lang kapag in-english mo na. Ganito ‘yan:

Person: Hi Lucas, how was your day?

Lucas: I’m four!


Kung essay writing contest ‘to, talo na ako. Ayoko na mag-reflect, guys. Pagod na pagod na akong mag-isip…

Magmamahal na lang ako.


If you’re one of the reasons why 2016’s ain’t so bad, ty po! Cheers to making new friends, exploring new places, passing my comprehensive exams, graduating, and falling in love in 2017! The best is yet to come!

Luv u guys lyk a luv song!


Happenings: Backstreet Boys Live in Manila 2015

If there’s anyone who I’ve been fangirling to the longest, it’s to these guys.

I fell in love with the Backstreet Boys when I first watched the Quit Playing Games video. I know so typical right?? And so sensual! I may have been 6 or 7 and sorry sobrang sexy ni hawi boy Nick! Never mind the other boys’ abs!!!!! Buhok palang ni Nick busog na me!


Ginising nya ang aking katawang lupa which is kinda disturbing if you think about it hehe. If you’re reading this parents, thank you for allowing me to watch MTV!!! Hehehe.

I’ve been a BSB fan for 18 years and their music is still a fixture in my everyday life. Hindi ako OA because nasa playlist ko forever ang BSB songs. If you see me *dancing* in my seat at work it’s probably cos I’m listening to Everybody or Larger than Life. Kung nageemote ako, it’s probably cos I’m listening to Shape of My Heart or Drowning.

Do you guys prepare before a concert? As in you listen to the artists’ playlist para you can sing along during the concert? I didn’t do that. I don’t have to. I’ve been ready for more than a decade.

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Happenings: Ed Sheeran Live in Manila 2015

How do I even begin to describe Ed Sheeran’s show in Manila?

I wasn’t planning to blog about this because I don’t really have that much funny kwento other than ate iPad wearing cat ears (SURE KA BA SA PINUNTAHAN MONG CONCERT ATE) who basically ruined a few people’s experience (including us – but not totally) with her tablet and pink cover (seriously). But overall, if I may borrow from Ed’s (ED???) words from his Roundhouse gig in 2014, the whole show was a “big, climactic, orgasm of music.”

Ed nailed it. And damn f we didn’t leave the arena with a satisfied smile on our faces.

Meg Ryan's fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally

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#HugotHuwebes: Allergic ako

Allergic ako sa hipon. Hindi ‘yung figurative hipon ha, the real actual hipon. Which is a shame cos I love hakaw with all of me. Huhubels. Last week, my family and I went somewhere in almost-Tagaytay to celebrate my mother’s birthday. We dined at this really quaint and cozy restaurant. Sobrang gutom ako, guys. Like sobra. The first dishes served were chicharong bulaklak and okoy. In true lafang fashion, nilantakan ko agad pareho. Kebs na kung allergic ako sa shrimp GUTOM AKO EH.

Hi! -okoy

IT WAS A MISTAKE. When we arrived home, my head was spinning and I was itching all over. I’d rather not share the *gory* (haha charing) details but it was the worst allergic reaction I’ve had in my life. My birthday mother panicked cos we didn’t have antihistamine at home. My sweet baby brother prepared hot chocolate for me just to ease the pain (wow).

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‘YUN PALA MEANING NON: Rated SPG songs edition

When I was still an innocent little girl (innocent pa rin naman ako until now HAHA WEH okay settle down guys), I used to watch legit MTV. Like a lot. I grew up in a world where music videos dominated my everyday life. To the point na I want to be a VJ like Donita Rose! Remember MTV Most Wanted? BEST. SHOW. EVER.

Anyway, I was talking to an officemate about this song Sway. Sabi nya the song was banned daw in their high school due to sexual content. And I was like, wtf? Kailan pa naging bastos ang Sway? I just concluded na baka yung teacher nyang nagban non ay may bad memories sa Sway. Ayoko na syang i-judge.

Naalala ko tuloy ang kabataan ko. When I was singing to Spice Girls’ songs, malay ko bang may sexual content yung ibang songs nila?? I thank my parents for not banning me to watch MTV or listen to the following songs because diba at least nung tumanda ako alam nating lahat na natuto akong mag-analyze??!! CHOS LANG HI PARENTS!!! Love you! Thank you for letting me figure things out! ❤

So guys, I present you the songs I listened to during the late ’90s and early 2000s na *gulp* RATED SPG PALA! Sabi nga ni mareng Kim Chiu: I’M SARRY! Not.

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