#HugotHuwebes: Allergic ako

Allergic ako sa hipon. Hindi ‘yung figurative hipon ha, the real actual hipon. Which is a shame cos I love hakaw with all of me. Huhubels. Last week, my family and I went somewhere in almost-Tagaytay to celebrate my mother’s birthday. We dined at this really quaint and cozy restaurant. Sobrang gutom ako, guys. Like sobra. The first dishes served were chicharong bulaklak and okoy. In true lafang fashion, nilantakan ko agad pareho. Kebs na kung allergic ako sa shrimp GUTOM AKO EH.

Hi! -okoy

IT WAS A MISTAKE. When we arrived home, my head was spinning and I was itching all over. I’d rather not share the *gory* (haha charing) details but it was the worst allergic reaction I’ve had in my life. My birthday mother panicked cos we didn’t have antihistamine at home. My sweet baby brother prepared hot chocolate for me just to ease the pain (wow).

Good news is, I AM ALIVE AND WELL. I still feel feelings. So I guess that okoy didn’t do much damage! HUH. Hindi lang ako sa hipon allergic. Allergic din ako sa expression na “(insert verb here) pa more” and other social media ekek. I’m also allergic to commuters na tamad mag-abot ng bayad sa jeep. Like, betch ples. Kung tinatamad ka, tinatamad din ako!

Allergic din ako sa loneliness. HAHA CHARING NOT.

Two days ago, my dearest officemate sent me a link to the video below. She was like “IKAW NAALALA KO BAKA MAIYAK KA PAGDATING SA DULO.”

Mali siya.

Hindi ako naiyak pagdating sa dulo. Ang sabi ko: “P?#@*&%!@ KA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And I wasn’t sorry.

I’ve been seeing ads of Allergic Alice on twitter. Lagi ko lang siyang dinededma but now, the tables were turned. I CAN’T GET THE FREAKING SONG OUT OF MY HEAD. And this song has so much truth to it! Like:

Allergic ako sa titang mausisa. WALA PA NGANG BOYFRIEND, TANONG: “Kailan ka ba mag-aasawa?”



I’m fine, really. Anyway, the holidays are finally here! If you’re feeling lonely this Christmas, save yourself and don’t watch the music video. Joke lang! Watch it cos it’s really aliw. (naaliw naman ako pero nasaktan ako for the most part) We’re finally getting the free time we’ve soooo wanted for the past months. Spend it with your family and loved ones AND TRY not to focus on what’s lacking. Count your blessings and be grateful!

Sa Valentine’s na lang tayo ulit mag-emote.

Mwah mwah happy holidays everyone! Love you guys like a love song! ❤


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