ANOBAYAN: “Bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?”


I know right? It’s been a while! And by a while, I mean two months. So sorry for not updating (yuck may following?!) guys kasi busy ako and, therefore, wala ako masyadong time mag-isip. Syempre chararat lang yan! Hashtag excuses. The important thing is, I’m back and abot pa ako sa #JulyNaMagdangal! To commemorate this joyous month, allow me to share my fave Jolina Magdangal song:

The past few months, weeks, days have been anything but ordinary. There were changes pero ang di nagbago ay ang dami ng taong nagtatanong sakin kung bakit wala akong boyfriend.

The only question harder than “Bakit wala kang boyfriend?” is “Bakit wala ka PANG boyfriend?” Bukod sa binigyan mo na nga ng emphasis na nag-iisa ako e talagang napagtuunan pa ng pansin kung gaano katagal na akong mag-isa. #BAKITMOKOPRINEPRESSURE

Guys may nagtanong sakin once ng “Bakit di ka pa nagpapakasal?” E BIGYAN MO KAYA MUNA AKO NG PAPAKASALAN GAGO KA BA. Haha major #outburst. Sa office naman, since mga mommies and daddies mostly ang kasama ko ang tanong naman sakin ay “Ikaw, kailan ka magkaka-baby?” E penge muna ng kasamang gagawa guys! Ang lagay eh #foreveralone?! No way.

Justin Timberlake

Over the years, I still haven’t perfected this. It’s not that I don’t want to give an answer, it’s just that 1. I don’t know how to respond because I don’t know and 2. I want people to STOP asking. Hehehe. Nood na lang tayo ng O! Shopping. Kung bakit, hindi ko alam. Gusto ko lang ipromote yung Oh oh oh shoppenngggg!

ANYWAY, here are some recommended responses to “Bakit wala ka pang boyfriend/girlfriend?”

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Quick post: Questions

The problem with me is, I get so affected with what other people think. I let their thoughts crawl into my consciousness and let it torture me til I cry “Why the fuck am I doing this???” No regrets is not my motto. You see, I’m not happy. I miss my family and friends but it goes deeper than that. People say that being here is a great opportunity. I guess opportunities are also relative.

Where do I draw the line between being patient, and letting things go and accepting the fact that’s there nothing for me here?

I don’t want to give up. But is going home a sign of defeat? I hope not.

I’m dying to breathe in these abundant skies

I was feeling exceptionally sad today. My job applications are still, very much, job applications without confirmation, response or whatsoever. I feel like every day passes and there’s nothing worthwhile happening. And above all, I miss my family. I miss home. I know I shouldn’t be thinking negatively and that this thing is already an opportunity (although my stubborn brain is not functioning that thought well enough) but I can’t help myself. I was bitten by the homesick bug today.

So I went out and decided to walk it all off. I feel like I’m about to break down and I just need to breathe it all out. I started to hit “Shuffle songs” on my iPod and guess what the first song was.


I’m learning to breathe, I’m learning to crawl

The song that I listen to whenever I feel hopeless and helpless. The song that never fails to comfort me. It played first. It played when I needed it.

I’m a firm believer of signs. I think this is the universe telling me to not give up just yet. No universe, I’m not giving up. But I needed that. Thanks.