#HugotHuwebes: Where do broken hearts go nga ba, guys?

DISCLAIMERS: Oo, alam kong hindi huwebes today pero ang hugot ay walang pinipiling araw. Bilang may existing segment (WOW???) na ako PLUS hugot comes with huwebes talaga, pagbigyan niyo na ako on the technicality. Second, this is not a movie review. Hindi ako expert. I’m just a girl, feeling feelings.

Hi guys!!! How are you? Ako, okay naman thanks for asking! I watched That Thing Called Tadhana today with my best friends Lei and Carla. Been waiting for it for a while na rin sa wakas it came out before Valentine’s Day. In case you’re wondering, wala akong ka-date sa Feb 14 so please wala na sanang magtanong. Hindi rin ako naghahanap so please wag niyo rin ako i-pressure.

ANYWAY, I don’t really have an outline for this blog post I just really want to make kwento. My friends and I met up sa Sunstar Mall which is like the only mall in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. U GUYS DON’T UNDERSTAND THE HAPPINESS I FELT NA PALABAS NA SIYA DITO cos I don’t have to go to Calamba which is a 2-hour bus drive from here. #probinsyanaprobz

Bago ako mag-emote, some bloopers:

Carla: Pumasok na tayo sa loob!
Lei: Ayoko pumasok baka makita natin yung dulo may twist daw e.
Carla: ANO????? MAY QUIZ?????


Me: Kay Angelica ‘yung laptop!
Carla: Hindi. Kay JM!
Lei: Hindi hindi. ‘Yung laptop kay Derek.

Walang quiz. Wala rin si Derek sa movie.

OK GUYS. In case you still don’t know what That Thing Called Tadhana is, ANONG URI NG BATO ‘YANG PINAGTATAGUAN MO? Tadhana is about Mace (Angelica Panganiban) and her quest on moving on. Swerte siya kasi may kasama siya – a stranger whom she met at the airport named Anthony (JM de Guzman). Si Anthony ay gwapo, nakatira sa Project 8, at hindi manyak.

JM de Guzman as Anthony in That Thing Called Tadhana

Let’s be honest. Kung manyak man siya, I really won’t care. #JustBeinReal

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365 x 2014

In one of our team’s year-end activity sessions in Batangas, we were tasked to mold something out of clay that was a symbol of us. All I could think of were quotation marks because if ever I’ll get a tattoo (okay binigyan ko ng idea nanay ko hehe hi mother in case you’re reading maliit lang naman yon eh!), that’s what I would get. Just, “ and ”. I also love to read and having conversations. Sabi nga sa The Interview, “You know what’s more destructive than a nuclear bomb? Words.” PREACH!

I guess, in a way, that symbol shows my insecurities too. There are way too many times that I feel incompetent because of my lack of writing skill (harhar). Also, I run to my books whenever I feel sad. To fill my thoughts that aren’t mine… ARTE? Pagbigyan na bagong taon naman! ‘Tis the season to be senti falalala lala lala la

It was a few days after that I realized I should’ve done another symbol. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it.

I’ve always loved taking photos. This is not since I was a little girl kind of thing because God knows I loved playing with Barbie dolls and Polly Pockets. I wasn’t artistic. More like dramatic. Haha! I think it really started in college because UPLB is just too damn beautiful. I remember this one time, I was kind of sad and heartbroken that I decided to walk around campus. It was my first photowalk. I was very tourist-y and I didn’t care. I had this one photo of the Carillion tower which was a beauty. Then I started taking photos of people, just random stuff as my attempt to document my college life. 

I received a new phone with a kickass camera for Christmas last year. Why not use its features extensively? HAHA. Arte ng extensively. Also, I have never completed ANY 365-day project in my life. Kahit yung mga 100 days ekek tinatamad na ako agad! So to have completed this feels soooo good. ❤

Here are my favorite photos from my Project 365

3/365 | IRRI
20/365 | IRRI
29/365 | Artist sketching at the Manansala at Ang Masaganang Ani event at IRRI

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Happenings: Corregidor, SA WAKAS!

Hey guys!!!!

Yep, you read that right. I am NOT a Corregidor virgin anymore!!! Finally made my way to the island two Thursdays ago (June 26!) thanks to our office at nakalibre ako! Hehehe! Remember last year when me and my friends planned to go to Corregidor but went to Fort Santiago instead? It was meant to be!

Our office decided to go to Corregidor for this year’s team building and stayed there for two days. Excited ako guys e kasi hello last year pa ‘to plano e! Ang arte ko ba? Tse!!!

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I went to my old college yesterday to meet up with a former professor regarding work. I won’t bore you with the details though the consultation was NOT at all boring. It ended up as a refresher lecture, much to my delight and nostalgia! Haha! Grabe, I haven’t had a DEVC lecture in three years! Sabi nga ni Sir Garry, “Wala na tumatanda ka na.”

Well, sir. Oo nga. I feel so mature! Charozzz we all know that mature is different from aging but whatevs you get the point.

Anyway, the meeting is also a great excuse to visit my second home. YIKEEEEEEE!!!!

The College of Development Communication (CDC) was my home away from home for four years. Sobrang cheesy nito but I feel so #blessed to have been part of the college even just for a little while.


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