Kung ikaw ay isang panaginip ver. 01

Hi guys!

Before anything else, please join me in greeting my blog a HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY!!! Sabi nga ni Basha, “I already gave you 5 years of my life [Poy]. It’s about time you give me what I want.” BUT unlike them, me and this blog of mine ain’t going to break up! Sana!

To celebrate, I’m going to make kwento about something very very personal–my deepest, darkest, lambuchingi weird dreams. After reading you can pyschoanalyze me and conclude that a) I am an overthinker, b) I have an super hyped subconscious and c) I think about boys maybe a little bit too much. CHAROT!

I am one of those ~gifted~ people (yes #blesst) na naalala ang kanilang mga dreams. Hindi naman sa pagyayabang pero yung subconscious ko sobrang OA sa ganap. Bukod sa nakakapagod yung mga panaginip ko, Hollywood levels din siya.

I know what you’re thinking. Sobra naman yata ang colonial mentality ko at pati sa panaginip damay? HOLD UP. Nakapanaginip na rin ako ng Pinoy celebs. Off the top of my head, napanaginipan ko dati si Gerald Anderson tapos naglalambuchingan daw kami malapit sa isang fountain. We’re slow dancing tapos dumating daw si Kim Chiu. Selos na selos si ateng. Balingkinitan kasi talaga ako eh.

Tapos one time napanaginipan ko si Paulo Avelino (please watch I’m Drunk, I Love You.!), ki-kiss nya daw ako tapos nung malapit na yung mga ~lips~ namin sa each other, syempre nagising ako. I really can’t have nice things.

Si Enrique Gil napanaginipan ko na din. Ang sweet nya daw sakin. Ang totoong panaginip dito ay AKO BA SI LIZA SOBERANO???

Hindi naman nagkakalayo. Charot!!!

Anyway, I’ll spare you the lambuchingan stories and share the wholesome and weirdest ones. Abridged versions only!

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Episode CCCLXV: Return of the Belay

Hey guys!!!

Kumusta? How are you spending your holidays? Ako, eto nagre-regenerate ng isip, puso, at diwa for 2016. Noong pumatak ang December 1, it felt like I’m so over everything. I was so spent! In tagalog, lamog. Joke that’s not the direct translation but you get what I mean.

Me as of 1 Dec 2015


Break ko ngayon from my isip puso at diwa regeneration because it’s that time of the year again!

Sobrang napaghahalataan na ang dami kong arte sa buhay.

On a happier sidenote: I like December 31s. Everyone is so positive! Parang ‘yung mga tao lumaklak ng sunshine at pag-asa. December 31 is the happiest ending we experience AND we do it annually. WHOA.

Hehehehehe anyway…

A few days ago, Sosep and I were talking about our failed, almost-love lives (haha, so kailan kaya tayo magiging successful) when he asked me how my 2015 was and how would I describe it.

It could’ve been better. And I only have myself to blame. Looking back, I took each day as it passed – some days were outstanding, most would just suck the outstanding out of me. In short, the bad outweighed the good, making me unleash my inner Kylo Ren all year. In my head, 2015 sucked ass. It’s not only until I decided to pick out my 2015 best nine for Instagram when I realized that, “P*nyeta. Tu-meen angst ako for nothing!” Sabi ng teen angst ko: Better late than never!

Siguro ganito feeling ni Darth Vader noong nagbalik loob na sya sa light side of the Force.

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Pick-Me-Upper of the Week: 1D’s “One Way or Another”

Guess who came to rescue me from having a terrible week.

One Direction released “One Way or Another” as the Red Nose Day single. Instead of using the original budget to shoot a legit music video, they made this instead. I am not complaining. This has got to be cutest, most adorable thing that ever landed on the face of the earth.

I am so fangirling right now.

The BEST thing about this video is that it’s out for a cause. The funds they saved in making this one, was donated to Comic Relief. Such sweethearts.

The fans can actually get involved! Visit www.rednoseday.com/1D and see how you can help! 🙂