Kung ikaw ay isang panaginip ver. 01

Hi guys!

Before anything else, please join me in greeting my blog a HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY!!! Sabi nga ni Basha, “I already gave you 5 years of my life [Poy]. It’s about time you give me what I want.” BUT unlike them, me and this blog of mine ain’t going to break up! Sana!

To celebrate, I’m going to make kwento about something very very personal–my deepest, darkest, lambuchingi weird dreams. After reading you can pyschoanalyze me and conclude that a) I am an overthinker, b) I have an super hyped subconscious and c) I think about boys maybe a little bit too much. CHAROT!

I am one of those ~gifted~ people (yes #blesst) na naalala ang kanilang mga dreams. Hindi naman sa pagyayabang pero yung subconscious ko sobrang OA sa ganap. Bukod sa nakakapagod yung mga panaginip ko, Hollywood levels din siya.

I know what you’re thinking. Sobra naman yata ang colonial mentality ko at pati sa panaginip damay? HOLD UP. Nakapanaginip na rin ako ng Pinoy celebs. Off the top of my head, napanaginipan ko dati si Gerald Anderson tapos naglalambuchingan daw kami malapit sa isang fountain. We’re slow dancing tapos dumating daw si Kim Chiu. Selos na selos si ateng. Balingkinitan kasi talaga ako eh.

Tapos one time napanaginipan ko si Paulo Avelino (please watch I’m Drunk, I Love You.!), ki-kiss nya daw ako tapos nung malapit na yung mga ~lips~ namin sa each other, syempre nagising ako. I really can’t have nice things.

Si Enrique Gil napanaginipan ko na din. Ang sweet nya daw sakin. Ang totoong panaginip dito ay AKO BA SI LIZA SOBERANO???

Hindi naman nagkakalayo. Charot!!!

Anyway, I’ll spare you the lambuchingan stories and share the wholesome and weirdest ones. Abridged versions only!

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Expectations vs. Reality: Internet Acronyms Edition

Hi, guys!

Happy belated balentayms and HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOG! *confetti* Can’t believe I’ve sustained this for 4 years tapos kung anu-ano lang pinagsasasabi ko. Thanks for reading and visiting, btw!

I’ve been blogging since 2003 and whilst I’m no professional, I’ve tried almost all platforms. I’ve updated things simultaneously (as if I have something relevant to say…) and gained friends along the way. Shoutout to mah homiez~

The evolution of my blogging style also came with the evolution of Internet language overall (segue!!). Parang pokemon lang and as an early pokemon, as much as I hate to admit it, I was a jejemon once.

Yes. Evident ito sa una kong blog sa Xanga.com (may Xanga pa ba!!??) back in 2003. I used to hate my name (I’ve grown to love it cos it’s so pretty and lovely~) kaya gusto ko talaga syang palamutihan ng kung anu-anong anek like numbers, symbols, and adjectives. Ayoko nang balikan ang nakaraan but let’s just say my first blog username looked more like a a very strong password than a user-friendly URL.

“The longer, the better” ang motto ng jeje era. The more Hs, Zs, numbers, and punctuation marks, the better. Kung kaya mo pang humanap ng alternative for letters para mas nakakalito, winner ka. But times have changed. Hanggang sa naglaho na sila dahil ikinahiya na nila ang kanilang sinimulan. I’m sure may mga jeje pa rin pero underground na sila mag-operate.


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Pick-Me-Upper of the Week: HITRECORD on TV’s FIRST EPISODE



Was smiling like an idiot when Joseph Gordon-Levitt talked about the beginnings of hitRECord and when he said “Now, we get to HIT RECORD ON TV.”

I remember the first time (not sure if it was the first but I would like to think that it was!) Joe announced that HITRECORD on TV is in the works. It was at the HITRECORD show in Washington DC, Nov 13, 2012.

It was one of the best nights of my life.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt introducing HITRECORD on TV for the first time during the HITRECORD on the Road show in Washington D.C. in November 2012

The community deserves the attention it will get from this whole shebang! Everything from this episode (and the whole show, for that matter) was done COLLABORATIVELY. Online. Everything. How did Joe and the rest of the HITRECORD community do it? Well, that’s for you to find out! Nevertheless, the result is ridiculously good. SO YOU BETTER SEE THIS!!! 🙂


Pick-Me-Upper of the Week: Flickering Lights Reprise and All Things Joe

WARNING: This is a serious fangirl post. I’m sorry. I’m not sorry.

Yesterday, hitRECord released the video Flickering Lights Reprise. It was a poem written and read in the video by wirrow, with different photo/image/video contributions from hitRECorders all around the world. During hitRECord on the Road, Joe allotted time for this collab and for the audience to also contribute. The video below is the finished product.

ANG GANDA DIBA! I attempted to record myself while reading the poem but it came out terrible. Ang pangit talaga kahit bedroom voice ako by default. wirrow did an amazing job and gave the poem a haunting vibe to it. In a good way, syempre.

I watched the video yesterday at 6am and immediately tweeted about it. Then this happened.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 5.33.02 PM

Oh those two symbols are enough for me to have a stupid smile plastered on my face the entire week. Another successful fangirl moment!

A while ago, one of my college instructors shared this link to me on Facebook. I appreciate the gesture not only because it’s JGL-related but because she actually thought of me when she saw the article. Touched na touched ako!

So far, 2013 has been really really kind to me in terms of my fangirling. It compensates my lack of career and love life. Lol. At least this aspect of my life is doing great. Just so you know dear friends, I take fangirling seriously.


No wonder why I had the sudden urge to blog today! I’m a sucker for commemorating anniversaries (just cos I am so good at dates). Lol

My brain is still hung over from last week’s Feb Fair (I don’t have photos. I’m still waiting for everyone to upload theirs!) so I really don’t have any reflection, pa-deep echos to write about. I just visited to see how long it has been since I last posted something sensible, then I looked at my archives and saw that ‘February 2012’ was at the bottom. I kinda hoped that I didn’t miss my blog’s birthday and voila! I DIDN’T! Ang saya!


I’ve been blogging since 2003 (ultimate jejemon phase I tell you), my first blog’s username was a mix of sticky caps and numbers replaced letters. It was… wait, I couldn’t even remember it. It has my name, smile, and ‘kulet’ jammed into one word. Major eyesore. It looked more like a goddamn password than an actual blog name. Yep, I have my fair share of cringe-worthy blogger days. Ulk. isabellamari at WordPress is probably the blog that is most ‘me’. Here, I was able to share my interests, passion, thoughts, stories, frustrations, strong and weak moments. I crey. Charot!

And since it’s my blog’s special day, I’m giving away a zillion vibes of happiness to everyone!

P.S. MY BLOG WOULDN’T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT MY SUCCESSFUL FANGIRLING STORIES! One of which I shared with this guy right here. Happy birthday from this side of the world, Joe! (It’s still his birthday in LA. Pagbigyan!) Hope you’re enjoying the badass party hat I made you.

DSC_0073_instant copy

Excuse me, I have a virtual party to attend to.