Episode CCCLXV: Return of the Belay

Hey guys!!!

Kumusta? How are you spending your holidays? Ako, eto nagre-regenerate ng isip, puso, at diwa for 2016. Noong pumatak ang December 1, it felt like I’m so over everything. I was so spent! In tagalog, lamog. Joke that’s not the direct translation but you get what I mean.

Me as of 1 Dec 2015


Break ko ngayon from my isip puso at diwa regeneration because it’s that time of the year again!

Sobrang napaghahalataan na ang dami kong arte sa buhay.

On a happier sidenote: I like December 31s. Everyone is so positive! Parang ‘yung mga tao lumaklak ng sunshine at pag-asa. December 31 is the happiest ending we experience AND we do it annually. WHOA.

Hehehehehe anyway…

A few days ago, Sosep and I were talking about our failed, almost-love lives (haha, so kailan kaya tayo magiging successful) when he asked me how my 2015 was and how would I describe it.

It could’ve been better. And I only have myself to blame. Looking back, I took each day as it passed – some days were outstanding, most would just suck the outstanding out of me. In short, the bad outweighed the good, making me unleash my inner Kylo Ren all year. In my head, 2015 sucked ass. It’s not only until I decided to pick out my 2015 best nine for Instagram when I realized that, “P*nyeta. Tu-meen angst ako for nothing!” Sabi ng teen angst ko: Better late than never!

Siguro ganito feeling ni Darth Vader noong nagbalik loob na sya sa light side of the Force.

I thought Instagram’s #2015bestnine was self-generated so I looked through my archives and tried to pick out the best. Same rule as my 2014 project 365 applies – either I took them or I’m in the photo. I wasn’t able to pick out my best nine, but I got my best 27 and divided them into three collages:

THANKS 2015 HA! COLLAGE #1: Let’s focus on Atom Araullo (hehe he he hehe hehe)

In 2015 I:

  • watched 5 concerts (can I keep you Ed Sheeran!!!, I became a tween for a day One Direction!!!, TONIGHT I GOT OVER U W/ Carly Rae Jepsen!!!!, shut up and danced w/ Walk the Moon, and you-made-my-dreams-come-true Backstreet Boys HUHU);
  • aced a test of friendship (Sagala) and it was fun too cos I got to play dress up and show cleavage hahaha charot;
  • visited local museums (i.e. National Museum for the nth time, Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, and BenCab Museum in Baguio);
  • spent my 2nd anniversary at IRRI with a very special visitor; and,
  • spent my 2nd anniversary at IRRI with Atom Araullo. WITH TALAGA???? Bagong kain ako nyan tapos walang toothbrush. Wala namang bagoong yung kinain kong lunch so we’re good.
  • still did my occasional #palayanphotography even though I kinda stopped my Project 365 this year. This also marks my second year with the institute. At kahit na naluto utak ko this year, at least nagamit amirite??
THANKS 2015 HA! COLLAGE #2: No lovers, just friends

I really upped my social game this year. In short, mas sinipag akong lumuwas. GOOD JOB, SELF! Friends, try niyo kayang resolution next year e yung bisitahin naman ako sa probinsya? Mahal nyo naman ang LB diba?

More importantly, MAHAL NIYO NAMAN AKO DIBA?

The top/center photo is my exception to the rule, and he couldn’t NOT be in this collage even though we haven’t seen each other for a year.

Sosep helped me through a lot of hanash this year and he’s been nothing but patient. The only photos we have together are screenshots from our video calls. We also exchange selfies whenever we can! We doin’ great, this long-distance thing. Thanks to KakaoTalk and fast Internet connection too (kapag hindi nagpapacute ang PLDT) for the relationship maintenance! Yay, technology!

THANKS 2015 HA! COLLAGE #3: My pamilee… my pamilee…

I have an amazing family and the cutest (albeit, sobrang sungit) pamangkin in the world! Universe, rather.


It’s easy to be a mean bitch grinch when you’re tired and hurt. I was exhausted, but at least I have a job and I do relatively well in school. I was hurt at some point, but at least I have a family I can come home to and friends who I can make kulit over and over even at my most stubborn.

I was looking at the glass half empty when, really, it’s more than full. Siksik, liglig, at nag-uumapaw.

I have Anakin Skywalked my way out of this funk.

It also helps to be reminded that there is a world much bigger than ourselves. And that the dark exists with the good. It’s just up to us which side we’ll choose. I hope you had a better perspective than I did. And I hope next year’s going to be a little bit brighter.

So, how was your 2015 and how would you describe it?

Cheers to the year that was, and the year that will be! ❤


2 thoughts on “Episode CCCLXV: Return of the Belay”

  1. I must admit… I’m a wee bit disappointed that your dubsmash of TTCT didn’t make it to any of these collages. 😛 It was that IG post that sparked my obsession with kontrabida lipsticks.

    Happy new year Belay! Mabiyayaan sana tayo ng wagas na pag-ibig ngayong 2016!

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