Love, Bels (2015)

I was introduced to the “time capsule” concept when I was binge-watching One Tree Hill. I was in high school, nursing a broken heart (of course I am), and lusting (LUSTING TALAGA???) over James Lafferty. Anyway, the time capsule contained video testimonials of Tree Hill High Students. Their fearless forecasts, rants about life, confessions and secrets mainly, labasan ng feelings. My favorite kind!

Yesterday at work, we held a groundbreaking ceremony for our new plant growth facility. It’s a state-of-the-art structure that will house rice in different climate scenarios in a controlled environment. In that way, scientists can better understand and explore the effects of climate change in rice and how to better mitigate it. Or something. You can all just read our piece about it! Bongga, right?

Along with the groundbreaking ceremony is the burying of two time capsules.

Hard hats, and golden shovels used in the groundbreaking ceremony.
UPLB Chancellor Fernando Sanchez Jr. and IRRI Director General Robert Zeigler putting some semento in!

The time capsules contained all sorts of stuff from rice science-related, the Institute and its employees, current events (newspapers!) and pop culture (may DVDs ng Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy guys! Now that I think about it, dapat pala nagsama kami ng 1989 album ni Taylor Swift. Deluxe edition of course). The two time capsules will be opened in 20 years (January 27, 2035) and in IRRI’s 100th anniversary (April 14, 2060).

I was inspired by the time capsule thing that I decided to write myself two letters; to be opened in 2035 and 2060, too! Kasi gusto kong makisali bakit ba???

I plugged my earphones on and started to write. I had a hard time which tenses to use… I didn’t know how to address myself in 20 and 55 years! I am in the present writing to my future, which will be then the present from me in the past. It’s confusing. What I did write about is my hopes for the years to come… and that by the time I will read it in the next decades, I can say that I made it. Not because someone else told me that I should be this or that in the future.

I can say that I made it in my own terms.

And if I didn’t experience or achieve some of what I wrote? It’s fine. I will be grateful enough to still be alive and have the chance to read what I wrote. (I think the first thing I wrote was: “Uy hi sana buhay ka pa!”)

And be reminded that in 2015, some 23-year old girl hoped for the 44 and 70-year old me.

I hope that in 20 or 55 years, I will still believe.

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