365 x 2014

In one of our team’s year-end activity sessions in Batangas, we were tasked to mold something out of clay that was a symbol of us. All I could think of were quotation marks because if ever I’ll get a tattoo (okay binigyan ko ng idea nanay ko hehe hi mother in case you’re reading maliit lang naman yon eh!), that’s what I would get. Just, “ and ”. I also love to read and having conversations. Sabi nga sa The Interview, “You know what’s more destructive than a nuclear bomb? Words.” PREACH!

I guess, in a way, that symbol shows my insecurities too. There are way too many times that I feel incompetent because of my lack of writing skill (harhar). Also, I run to my books whenever I feel sad. To fill my thoughts that aren’t mine… ARTE? Pagbigyan na bagong taon naman! ‘Tis the season to be senti falalala lala lala la

It was a few days after that I realized I should’ve done another symbol. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it.

I’ve always loved taking photos. This is not since I was a little girl kind of thing because God knows I loved playing with Barbie dolls and Polly Pockets. I wasn’t artistic. More like dramatic. Haha! I think it really started in college because UPLB is just too damn beautiful. I remember this one time, I was kind of sad and heartbroken that I decided to walk around campus. It was my first photowalk. I was very tourist-y and I didn’t care. I had this one photo of the Carillion tower which was a beauty. Then I started taking photos of people, just random stuff as my attempt to document my college life. 

I received a new phone with a kickass camera for Christmas last year. Why not use its features extensively? HAHA. Arte ng extensively. Also, I have never completed ANY 365-day project in my life. Kahit yung mga 100 days ekek tinatamad na ako agad! So to have completed this feels soooo good. ❤

Here are my favorite photos from my Project 365

3/365 | IRRI
20/365 | IRRI
29/365 | Artist sketching at the Manansala at Ang Masaganang Ani event at IRRI

37/365 | IRRI
38/365 | Cafeteria
46/365 | Feb Fair
79/365 | Sta. Cruz
110/365 | Los Angeles
111/365 | Venice beach
132/365 | Fire tree
157/365 | RED Tour: Taylor Swift Live in MNL

178/365 | Corregidor

180/365 | Received my first (and hopefully not the last!) check from HITRECORD ❤
183/365 | National Museum
205/365 | National Museum
208/365 | Father and daughter at Manhattan Beach
210/365 | Zion National Park, UT
212/365 | Downtown Las Vegas
213/365 | Las Vegas Strip
314/365 | IRRI
322/365 | IRRI

345/365 | Laiya, Batangas

346/365 | Laiya, Batangas and Ugu Bigyan in Tiaong, Quezon


Browsing through the photos, I realized that I do have my days. Haha! ‘Yung iba, may makuha lang but that’s one beauty of this project, I think. It makes you look forward to things like going out of the house. HAH! But seriously, each photo is like a symbol that I got through every single day. And I was okay. I’m okay and *gulp* happy.

Looking back on 2014, I can say that I was blessed with school, career, family, and friends. I also got to travel a lot more than ANY year in my life so far (I plan to travel more DEFINITELY).

If ever I can redo the clay exercise, I’d probably mold a picture frame. Ang hirap kasi ng camera guys pwede ring iPhone??? Haha! This project helped me see the beauty in things. There are days when it’s very difficult to take a photo of anything cos I rarely go out and/or I have limited places to go to. But the thing is, there is absolutely beauty in everything. You just have to have the right framing. 

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Cheers to the year that was and the year that will be. Happy New Year! Love you guys like a love song ❤

Day 365 of 365

P.S. I also wrote a year-end blog post for IRRI featuring photos from my project. Please read and browse our website na rin!

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