Bookmarked: Landline

I held off reading Landline for a number of reasons which is ironic (I don’t know if I used the word right sometimes I just tell people it’s ironic for the heck of it when really it’s not haha sorry) because this is literally my most awaited book for the year. LIKE REALLY. I love Rowell. God, I can’t even describe or tell you guys how much. OA na ba? No, seriously that woman is magic.

And she continued doing her magic on Landline. Literally.

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Rowell’s latest creation is about Georgie McCool and her self-actualization journey regarding her marriage with Neal. Georgie is a workaholic which drives Neal crazy most times. Then on December 2013, a big career break came for Georgie that forced her & Neal to spend time apart. In the days they aren’t together, Georgie came across this landline (yup the phone na may ikot-ikot) that allowed her to communicate with Neal from the past. Like 1998.

Is this destiny’s way to make things better? Or are Georgie & Neal better off without each other?

Yep. A ‘wtf is this sorcery??’ is in order.

For the record, I read Landline through the lens of someone who came from a broken family. My dominant emotion while reading was… well, fear. It’s like I was transported back to the time when everything was a mess, you know? And I was there, watching behind the scenes thinking “Will this be the end of Neal and Georgie’s marriage?”, “Is this how marriages end?”, and “Oh my god this is how The End looks like.”

Is love enough? Will love ever be enough to save everything?

I guess you can say that I am a pessimist when it comes these things… and it’s really painful to read the painful parts (of course) but it is equally heartwrenching to read the really good moments. And those good moments are the parts that made me think, you have to find that person that it’s okay to have bad moments with. Sometimes the bad will outweigh the good but in the end, the bad will be worth it. Especially when you get to the good again.

Yep, someone who will make every single detail worth it. For better or for worse. I guess not everyone is lucky enough to find that person. I should know. It sucks but sometimes it works for the best. Let go of what doesn’t work because eventually, everything will make sense or fall into place. That’s my mantra growing up. But it’s also important to find those little windows of hope, you know? But you gotta find them together. If one lets go, then that’s the end of it.

You should realize by now that this is not at all a book review. He he.

For what it’s worth, Rowell was successful (yet again) for making me think about these things. And for making me feel things that I have already buried deep, kept locked, and thrown away in the back of my head (or heart).

 Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the book:

“If you were standing next to the person you loved more than anything else, wasn’t everything else just scenery?”

Do you think love is enough? Or will it ever be enough to save a marriage (or to save a life meh)? I think… just gotta make it enough. Work together to make it enough. Stay together to make it enough.

But only if you want to.

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