Happenings: Corregidor, SA WAKAS!

Hey guys!!!!

Yep, you read that right. I am NOT a Corregidor virgin anymore!!! Finally made my way to the island two Thursdays ago (June 26!) thanks to our office at nakalibre ako! Hehehe! Remember last year when me and my friends planned to go to Corregidor but went to Fort Santiago instead? It was meant to be!

Our office decided to go to Corregidor for this year’s team building and stayed there for two days. Excited ako guys e kasi hello last year pa ‘to plano e! Ang arte ko ba? Tse!!!

We left LB at around 5am and rode the ferry to Corregidor at 8am. Ang cool nung ship cos Coldplay’s The Scientist played. PLUS PTS FOR YOU SUN CRUISES!

Hi papa Chris! ❤ Akala ko nga pwede magvideoke may ready pa naman akong listahan. Joke lang! Memorized ko ‘yung numbers!

Okay na sana e but then they played Corregidor and Metro Manila for-tourists-clips on loop for almost an hour. STRESS! Tapos pinapanood kami ng Monte Carlo na hindi natapos cos Corregidor is only an hour away. What is bitin.

But thanks, Sun Cruises. Dahil dyan ito na ang official song of the trip. I PROCLAIM!!! #powerful

I’ll leave out the details re: team building activities cos y’all probably won’t relate. BUT it was helluva fun! Nakakaloka lang yung Adventour challenge cos napagod ako kaagad ng bongga. Jetlag pa ako tapos pinagtatakbo ako kagad? Worse, that itty bitty tunnel na maraming tuko scared me shitless! But it was a fun experience naman I don’t regret anything. Thx god di ako nadikitan nung tuko.

On a serious note, Corregidor Island is a vital part of Philippine history because of the events during the second World War. It is shaped like a tadpole daw but we all know mukha rin syang sperm! It is divided in three parts — the tail, middle, and the head. All along akala ko nasa Bataan ang Corregidor, Cavite City lang pala! NASA CALABARZON PA RIN AKO! I feel betrayed. Chos! At least considered pa rin itong out of town trip.

Anyway, Corregidor served as a military base for Filipino, American, and Japanese soldiers during the war. Madaming namatay kaya madami ding mumu. Sabi nung tour guide namin, “Sa Corregidor, hindi ka mag-iisa!” It’s very comforting and creepy at the same time. I love it!

We stayed at the Corregidor Beach Resort. I didn’t attempt to swim but my colleagues said na mabato daw. It ain’t no Boracay but still look at this beauty.

Battery Way was where the soldiers used to store their cartridges and shells and other weapon paraphernalia.

This big ass tree was one of the few survivors that survived the bombings in Corregidor. Cool, right? Good for you tree!

Speaking of big ass trees, Corregidor also houses gigantic cannons too!

The ruins are also the main tourist attractions in Corregidor. Pero I think we shouldn’t forget why they look like these in the first place. 😦 Ang galing nga pala ng tour guides naming magkwento! Feeling ko nakakunot noo ko the whole trip. I wouldn’t want to live in that era. Oh my goodness.

Part of our tour is to have a ghost hunting activity at the hospital. Hindi nga lang natuloy (thx god) cos it was raining yata. During the WWII, may agreement na soldiers shouldn’t bomb hospitals, schools, and churches. Japan didn’t sign the treaty so…

Even looking at the photos gives me the creeps! I try not to stare kasi baka may biglang bumulaga 😦

We also went to Malinta tunnel where American and Filipino soldiers took refuge! This is where Douglas MacArthur stayed when he was stationed in Corregidor.

I think there was a time na nalilito ako kela Douglas MacArthur and Arnold Schwarzenegger. HASTA LA VISTA BABY!

ECHOS LANG! “I shall return” sabi ni pareng Douggg. And return, he did! In fairness kay koya, he kept his promise. If you wanna learn more about Douglas MacArthur, google nyo na lang tamad na ako magkwento! Huehuehue~

And oh, my favorite’s the lighthouse for two reasons:

  1. The Lighthouse Family. I like them okay!
  2. Because a lighthouse was where Ted proposed to Tracy in HIMYM. I ship them okay!

Anyway, the lighthouse was where the Navy facilitated the entrance of ships and submarines carrying stuff to the Island. I went up and stayed sa taas for like… 5 minutes tops! I didn’t go near the bar thingys kasi natatakot ako baka mahulog yung phone ko. Worse, BAKA AKO MAHULOG! I like falling but not this kind! (Uyyyyy)

Nakadikit lang ako sa wall like a tuko~

The trip wouldn’t be as fun without my colleagues who are all game! Walang KJ!

We went home at around 2pm where we were greeted by Manila Bay and its skyline. The clouds were extra puffy and pretty that day!

I’m glad we made this trip! Not only did we bond as team, we were also able to look back and learn what is what like to be a Filipino during the 1940s. I appreciate the freedom we’re experiencing now more than ever. Also, WORLD PEACE PLEASE LANG! Magmahalan na lang tayong lahat ayoko ng giyera okay?

Love you guys like a love song! ❤

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