Happenings: The Red Tour: Taylor Swift Live in Manila 2014

When I found out that Taylor Swift is coming to MNL for the Red tour I was like “My wallet is not ready BUT I AM!!” I’m a fan of Taylor’s but mas naging love ko sya cos of the RED album aka The Jake Gyllenhaal (I’m so proud of myself tama agad spelling ko) mix. I remember walking around Baltimore in the fall of 2012 whilst listening to State of Grace. #emote2k12!

Akala ko wala na akong pag-asa makanood because naubos agad ang tickets in two freaking hours. I was stressed and devastated! I don’t know how many times I refreshed smtickets.com last March. But the stars aligned for Kelly and I cos we were able to buy tickets!!! YAAAAAAAS! I thought I will be broken like a promise on June 6th but I wasn’t. THX GOD.

I was in MOA na hours before the concert so I was able to look around and watch people. Creepy ba? Haha! Around 5pm, the place is already swarming with Swifties. I tell you, I felt very incompetent. And old. Meron pa silang body art! Popular body writings were 13 and 22. I saw some people with “Burning red” and “State of Grace” written on their arms. Marami pa yan! Also, I’ve never been to a concert where there were a lot of placards! Na-culture shock ako! Swifties went all-out!

Kelly & I were tempted to buy cartolina sa suking National Book Store para lang maka-blend in.

There were also a number of people who really dressed like Taylor Swift. How to dress like a Swiftie 101!

  1. Striped three-fourths. Plus points if it’s black and white or red and white or whatever.
  2. Red or black shorts
  3. Keds. Duh.
  4. Bonus points if may black bowler hat!
  5. Bonus points if may cat headbands like what Taylor wore in 22!

I also saw a number of people who wore mascot costumes (maybe like in We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together). Some are in sequined red jackets! Ang kati pero very fashaun! We also saw a number of people who are wearing flower crowns… Coachella???!!

The show started at around 9pm. Hinintay lang yata makapasok lahat pero the show was scheduled at 8. E 8pm sandamakmak pa rin ang nakapila! Ugh frankly the security wasn’t that organized.

AYAN NA SI TAYLOR!!!! (Or so we think)

We were seated sa GenAd where it’s really steep! Scary!!! I was carefully jumping up and down and swaying and dancing ayokong mafall! Taylor opened with State of Grace and closed with We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Taylor Swift Live in Manila 2014 - "Red"

Taylor Swift Live in Manila 2014 - "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

Taylor Swift Live in Manila 2014 - "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

She performed 13 songs in total (correct me if I’m wrong). A number from the Red album and some old ones like Mean, Sparks Fly, Fearless, You Belong with Me, and Love Story.

Taylor put up a spectacular show and she’s really a great performer! She was makwento to the audience and was so adorable. I love watching her dance too! Her pauses and poses are the best. The only thing that I’m sad about is that… well, I was expecting 17 songs and she didn’t play Everything Has Changed & Begin Again. I took it as a sign na hindi pa ako magkaka-lovelife. HUHU! 😦

Anyway, I was screaming my head off when she performed 22!

All Too Well was my favorite performance of the night. Raw and full of feels. I teared up a bit and even held on to Kelly tight while singing — no shame!

Overall, I had fun! It was, indeed, a night when I forgot about the deadlines and heartbreaks. A night when we were all happy, free, confused, and not that lonely at the same time. And in the best fffffng way.

It’s miserable and magical ohhhh yeahhhhhh!


4 thoughts on “Happenings: The Red Tour: Taylor Swift Live in Manila 2014”

  1. Sabi ng officem8 ko, sana kumain daw ako ng maraming Cornetto. Yung kakila daw kasi nya nakakuha ng 3 tickets. Samantalang ako na may pambayad, walang nabiling tickets! Hahaha ayos yan na-enjoy mo yung concert. Sana magkaDVD na kaagad para ma-experience ko na din.

    1. Wow!!!! May ganon pala! Kwento naman ng officemate ko, yung kaibigan daw ng anak nya GenAd talaga tix. E nakabihis na ala die-hard Swiftie. May lumapit daw tas nilipat daw sila sa moshpit. Ang cool!!!

      Sana nga magka-dvd sya ng Red tour. Nasad lang talaga ako cos nabitin ako sa songs 😦

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