I went to my old college yesterday to meet up with a former professor regarding work. I won’t bore you with the details though the consultation was NOT at all boring. It ended up as a refresher lecture, much to my delight and nostalgia! Haha! Grabe, I haven’t had a DEVC lecture in three years! Sabi nga ni Sir Garry, “Wala na tumatanda ka na.”

Well, sir. Oo nga. I feel so mature! Charozzz we all know that mature is different from aging but whatevs you get the point.

Anyway, the meeting is also a great excuse to visit my second home. YIKEEEEEEE!!!!

The College of Development Communication (CDC) was my home away from home for four years. Sobrang cheesy nito but I feel so #blessed to have been part of the college even just for a little while.


Hello Carabao Park!

Ahhh, one of my favorite places in the world! C-Park is tied with Freedom Park! Hindi ako makapili e hahaha ang arte. Anyway, magic hour at C-Park is 5:30 because hindi na masyadong mainit, maggagabi na, and tapos na ang mga klase (minsan I have ’til 7pm classes so depends sa sched) but this is where my Devcom friends and I hang out just to talk, laugh (hahahaha), or rant. But most of the time we bask in the silence and find contentment in watching people. Of course charot lang yung silence because it’s never tahimik sa C-Park (on a weekday)!


Diyos ko whenever I see the CDC steps, it brings me back to that time when it’s close to graduation and my batch mates and I were waiting for our respective department chairs or advisers to sign our thesis’ acceptance page. #KILEGZ!!!! At some point we were practicing UP Naming Mahal because we had to sing that for the College Secretary and Office of the Vice Chancellor for Instruction to sign our clearances. Nung graduation na, naiiyak na ako nung kinakanta yon because hello emosyonal 2k11!


Friends, this is what we call the Bridge. May version ‘yan sa second floor na talagang legit bridge! But we still call this one the sem because pake nyo ba hahaha chos! See that “SILENCE OBSERVE” sign? That’s for us really maingay students. We used to hang out here in between classes. I think there was a time when they eventually took out the benches kasi we’re too loud… sorry! Hehe! So sa steps or C-Park na lang kami naghasik ng lagim.


Lecture Room 1 or what we call LR1! I took this photo sometime last year pa yata when Sir Garry asked me to talk to his DEVC152 students about my experience in the class. Whenever I look at this photo, napapakanta ako ng “Friends Forever” by Vitamin C in my head! Diba sobrang symbolic ng empty classroom. C H O S sakin lang siguro kasi I give meanings to everything. #arte


Also stopped by the Reading Room and look what I found! Hi there my baby! ❤

CDC will always be a safe place. Remember when we used to hang out near the recording studio or sa gilid ng dating Office of the College Sec near the stairs to LR2? Or the times when we were so haggard just thinking of what major to choose also known as the pag-aayos ng buhay stage? And of course, who would forget the oh-my-god-kapit-lang-shet thesis days and the weeks leading up to graduation? Ahh!

CDC was where some of us realized our potentials, knew what and where we were good at, and in some way, this is where we found ourselves and found people who we know we’ll keep for the rest of our lives.

It’s always nice to go back.


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