Bookmarked: Attachments

Status: Living vicariously through Rainbow Rowell’s stories

I finished reading Attachments on Labor Day at around 6:30 in the morning. I woke up really early on a holiday because I had the urge to finish the last few chapters of the book.

And fuck if I wasn’t smiling like an idiot when I read the last line.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Attachments is about Lincoln, an IT guy who works at a newspaper company. His job is mainly to read other people’s emails and send out ‘warnings’ whenever their emails get flagged. I think swear words are flagged as well as “porn” and parts of the human genitalia. Anyway, Lincoln is the company’s ultimate snoop and I would die if ever our office has this sort of thing going on. That’ll be fun for whoever is reading my chat messages. HAH! Anyway, there’s also Beth and Jennifer whose witty and funny email exchanges always get flagged but Lincoln couldn’t send them warnings just because he was TOO entertained.

He doesn’t want the email exchanges to stop. AY NAKO 2K14

Complications arise when Lincoln fell in love with Beth. I know right? Creepy? Sweet? You have to read the book and figure out what you #feel about the situation.

Biases aside, I’m giving Attachments (as Beth would put it) FIVE STARS!!!!

Who am I kidding? I have loved Rowell ever since I read Eleanor & Park. Then there’s Fangirl which is practically my story. Attachments is different because it takes place in the office setting. F I N A L L Y. It’s nice to have something light and funny and witty to read about that is taking place in the workplace. I hardly ever read about those.

I guess it also helped that my office happy crush works in IT like Lincoln. HEHEHE #RELATE2K14! Chos! He’s cute too. Awkward cute. Nice awkward cute. I hope he doesn’t read my chat exchanges with my officemates or else he’ll read how obsessed I am with Hanson this week. Or any boy band for that matter. Hee!

Cuteness and kilig aside, Attachments is also about friendship and how Beth & Jen look out for each other even in a virtual space. It is also about Lincoln’s quest for change and growth — that he will have to start with himself first, before other things fall into place. It’s never too late for change, right?

Now, back to the cute and kilig part.

The best parts of Attachments are the ones that best showcase the characters traits; especially Lincoln’s kindness (he’s reallyyy nice YES THIS IS DEFINITELY FICTION) and Beth & Jen’s wit and humor. I swooned and got my heart broken simultaneously because dammit even the breakup scenes are sweet. Dammit Rowell. #tagos #feelings

My heart swelled and did weird cartwheels (even in my head I don’t know how to cartwheel), I hope it does the same for you guys. Wait, you are going to read Attachments, right? RIGHT? You will love Lincoln and Beth and Jennifer even Sam and Chris (spoilerrr??!!) and everyone else! And after everything you will love Rainbow Rowell too because she’s freaking awesome. God I love her.

Can’t my lovelife be like a happy Rainbow Rowell story? Sana bigyan ni Lord si Rainbow ng power to pen down my love life like “Rainbow, I summon you and give you the honor to write Belay’s love story. She deserves it.” Ganon.

Sigh. Everything is so much better in my head.

Anyway, I’ll leave you guys with one of my favorite quotes from the book:

I’m here, he thought. Find me. Follow me.

Make this inevitable.

Y E S ❤ Happy reading, guys!!!

P.S. EEEEEEK GUYS! This is my 143rd blog post pala! Is this a sign? Rainbow Rowell? Lord, papayagan mo na ba si Rainbow Rowell to write my love story? ❤ Haha chos!


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