Hi guys,

So… I celebrated my 23rd birthday yesterday. Kinda bummed out that I can’t sing along to Taylor Swift’s 22 anymore but kebs! I’m happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way pa rin naman. NAKS!!!!

I would like to take this opportunity (wow artista may sponsors ako kunyari) to thank everyone who remembered my birthday and greeted me! Also to everyone who were notified via Facebook and took the time to post on my timeline. To my friends who my went the extra mile and photoshopped pictures of Atom and looked for Joseph Gordon-Levitt memes, thank you!!! Your greeting and their god-sent faces are enough gifts ❤

Also, SALAMAT SA MGA NAGDALA NG CAKE. I got 5 in total. O M G. Feeling ko nasa ASAP ako minus the prod number!!! Thanks guys!

Special thanks to my bf Sosep who is forever supportive of my kaartehan. Nagphotoshoot kami yesterday with my ceremonial cake (I KNOW) sa garden. Yes, you read that right. Sinong timang ang magboblow lang ng cake e sa garden pa??? That would be me. Guys, maganda ilaw e. You know, natural light.

Lastly, sa mga kaibigan kong ang birthday wish ay ang mga sumusunod:

  1. Sana magkalovelife ka na!
  2. Sana magkaboyfriend ka na!
  3. Sana dumating na prince charming mo!

You know who you are and thank you for wishing that for me para iba naman ang wish ko for myself. Hihihihi. Gots no room for many wishes! THANKS FRIENDS I’M WORKING ON IT. Charozzzz dadating din tayo dyan! ❤

The days leading up to my birthday are nothing short of awesome. Thank you to my colleagues, friends, and family who spent it with me and made it espesyal! HASHTAG #blessed IS IN ORDER!


Love you guys like a love song! ❤


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