#HIMYMFarewell: I’ve stuck with you ’til the very end, Ted!

I started watching How I Met Your Mother religiously in 2007, two years after its series premiere. I always catch bits and pieces on TV but it’s not until that year that I began really watching every episode. I don’t know what it is with season threes but that’s the first HIMYM DVD I bought (the first One Tree Hill episode I ever watched was also a season 3 one).

The show is ending next week and though I have not been a fan since 2005, I have followed their lives for seven years. Sometimes I feel like I’m one of Ted’s kids.

Oh wait, we’re all Ted’s kids. Borrowing JK Rowling’s words: “We’ve stuck with you ’til the very end, Ted!”

Anyway, I will not tell you which episodes I liked best nor will I list the stuff I learned about it cos Thought Catalog, Buzzfeed, Hello Giggles, and other sites got it all covered. For my HIMYM farewell, I will tell you a story of how the show pulled my heartstrings a week ago. Not that it hasn’t been since day one but everything is falling into place now.

Here’s my version of that Ted-Robin closure scene in Season 9, Episode 17.

I have to let go now.

Warning: This will get a bit cheesy. Alright. Really cheesy. Like really mushy cheesy. Like Ted Mosby cheesy. Please don’t barf. Or whatever. You have been warned.

Last week, I started watching re-runs of HIMYM’s season 7. I don’t remember much from that season only the fact that I didn’t like Kevin’s character that much. And how Robin can’t have kids and that made me really sad so there’s one episode I didn’t want to see. Anyway, “The Best Man” episode (S07E01) was Punchy’s wedding. Remember how Barney and Robin did that awesome dance number? Remember how Marshall ruined the wedding? Remember Ted’s “Mosbius Designs Has Failed”? I remember those!

But not this moment.

I stopped believing. Not in some depressed I’m-gonna-cry-during-my-toast way. Not in a way I even noticed until tonight. It’s just, every day I think I… believe a little less, and a little less, and a little less, and that sucks. What do I about that, Scherbatsky?

You’re Ted Mosby. You’ll start believing again.”

And believe ’til the end, he did.

I get what Ted said. I understood. Believing a little less that happiness and love is around the corner sucks ass. I’m stuck in between this place where ideal meets real. Ted Mosby’s character, I think, I believed for me. Believed for all Ted Mosbys who are hoping and searching and waiting.

Is that too much cheese?

When Josh Radnor talked about HIMYM at last year’s Comic Con he said,

“Everything happens for a reason in the world of How I Met Your Mother. And there’s something really lovely about this journey and that helped me to make sense of ‘Oh, I’m getting punched three times this week.’ or ‘I’m going to be thrown over some luggage but that’s okay because he wins in the end.’

Ted, really he’s been bruised and it’s okay because you know that those beautiful foul-mouthed kids are sitting on the couch at the end… and he really does get the life that he’s dreaming about. Just not kinda on his timetable.”

And win in the end, he will. For us who are hoping, searching, and waiting. For all of us who are believing a little less, and a little less everyday.

I am ready to let go and watch Ted get the happy ending he deserves.

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