CHOS: Best Kind Of Sad Ever!!!

Earlier today, my boss caught me eating chocolate cake straight from the Mernel’s box. Bukod sa gutom ako, for some reason I feel…

Anyway, chew chew eat galore ako ng cake. It’s leftover cake, by the way. He walked in, caught me red-handed as in yung fork with the cake papasok na sa aking pretty mouth, and then he laughed. Boss was like “HAHAHAHAHA!” whilst getting hot water from the dispenser.

“I’m sad, okay??!!” I said.

“Why are you sad?” he asked.

“Secret!!!” with a hint of frustration yan. I’m not frustrated at him for the record. (Hi boss!!! I know you read my blog so di ako sayo frustrated I’m frustrated with my feels.)

“That is the best kind,” he replied.

Nalito ako guys. Seriously biyernes na e my brain is refusing to function. Ok fine most days yung utak ko nagrerefuse to function pinipilit ko lang for the betterment of mankind.

Napa-HAAAAAAA? na lang ang byuti ko.

“Those are the best kinds of sad — the ones you can’t explain.”

Ang profound.


Napa-wow na lang ako on the inside.

Happy friday feels everyone! Love you guys like a love song!

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