I want to talk about her

You know what kind of sad I hate? The kind that creeps in.  I want to talk about “Her” but I’m afraid I won’t be able to articulate my feelings and thoughts well… I don’t have a way with words which frustrates the fuck out of me. Thank God for Spike Jonze, though. The man is a genius. After watching the film, I don’t know if I should hug him or strangle him for making me feel this way. So… What do I feel? Her made me feel lonely.  How I don’t have someone that I can share my excitement with for life. You know, how much I’ve been missing out on that human connection. That the physical aspect of being in a relationship isn’t what matters, but that connection. You know what I mean? The thought of someone being there. That there’s someone you know you can talk to, come home to, speak your mind with, and be just who you are. Because being yourself should be enough. It also made me realize… how easily it can all end. Because people change and grow… And through the process, sometimes people grow apart. That even though you find him/her, sometimes it doesn’t work out. And how you should not be sad that things end. Because they do all the fucking time. And because even after everything, the pain is worth it. Always. Right? Also, thanks to Her, I finally found the perfect definition of love:

“Falling in love is a crazy thing to do. It’s like a socially acceptable form of insanity.”

Find that person you could be crazy with. That someone mad enough and ready to take that leap with you. That’s what I’m on the lookout for. her Can you?


2 thoughts on “I want to talk about her”

  1. Great definition of love! Good thing my first post for 2014 stated that I’m ready to embrace everything this 2014, and even more craziness! Sana nga lang ready ang craziness for me, hehehe. I was just planning on watching this movie kasi nakita ko sa kapatid ko. Mas na-excite ako sa movie and sa kung anong sad etong pinag-uusapan dito sa post mo 🙂 Happy 2014!

    1. Hey akda happy new year! 🙂

      You should watch Her! Ngayon na! Chos. Haha. I loved every bit of it. I couldn’t elaborate on the kind of sad I felt… But I hope you don’t feel it! Haha. It’s the worst. I think. I’m still experiencing the film’s aftermath. Galing ni Joaquin Phoenix! Hope you’ll love it too 🙂

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