ANOBAYAN: My Social Media Pet Peeves pt. 2!

I know what you’re thinking.


I KNOW RIGHT??!! When it comes to my blossoming (MAY MAGBOBLOSSOM IN THE FIRST PLACE??) love life, hindi na nasundan. Oh well. But still you guys, thank you for the support. Feeling ko love team kami! Like, Kimerald level! Ganern! Umaasa pa rin ang iba sa inyo pero sasabihin ko na let’s all move on. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Love is all that matters, faithful and forever!

Anyway, this is my social media pet peeves pt. 2! OA na ang pangungulit sa akin ng aking college room mate na sundan ko na yung isang post (PART 1!!!!). Apparently, naaliw sya. So this is for you, Ka Yan! ENJOY!


I could’ve included this in the first part pero kasi I felt these are the minor ones. ‘Yung tipong WALANG BASAGAN NG TRIP level! Like, maarte lang talaga ako minsan. Okay fine, maarte ako sa mga ganitong bagay. I’m sorry I can’t help it! Let’s just say, eyesore talaga ‘to and if it gets too much I hide people. I know I know, sabihin nyo ang dami ko namang reklamo, e di umalis na lang ako sa social media sites!

GUESS WHAT IT’S NOT THAT EASY. I could just hide ’em all you know? Pero minsan guilty pleasure din. Ang sarap mainis eh.


5. Post ko, like ko! Like grabe!

Guys, kung pinost mo yung link / photo / or something basta understood na yun na you like it. Also, there’s a place to put your caption. Sabihin mo don “SHETS I LIKE THIS SO MUCH GRABE!!!!” But liking your own post? Loner ka ba?

4. Teh, pwede mag-tagalog.

Hindi naman ako OA grammar Nazi. Or an OA spell checker. Kaso, if you’re bitching someone on social media IN english, please check if your grammar and spelling are correct. Kasi alam mo, ganon kabilis ang karma. Pwedeng mag-tagalog. Magmura ka ng tagalog mas intense yon promise. Ang daming grammar nazi lurking in the shadows of the Internet! Charot ng lurking pero they’re everywhere!

Moral of the story: Learn from your mistakes! And your is different from you’re.


Disclaimer: I’m single. Hindi ako bitter. Okay fine minsan bitter ako. Hahahaha joke lang! Okay lang, I mean I’m single minsan sad pero ok lang. So bakit ba ako nage-explain????

Anyway, people who are in love should get a free pass. Right? Sino ba ako to hinder their happiness? At ano nga bang pake ko? The thing is, your posts show up in my news feed. Trust me, I hide it when it gets too much. Masakit sa eyes! At sa puso. Charot! Kaunti na lang kasi pati daysary i-post. Or hoursary. “HAPPY 17TH HOUR BEBELAB I LOVE YOU!!!!!”

We get it. You guys love each other. Good for you. But please, we don’t need to know everything about your relationship. Unless you’re me and Atom Araullo! JOKE!!! (HI ATOM!) Your promises of love and affection need not to be shown in tweets or Facebook comment boxes all the freaking time. Leave a little to the imagination naman! 😉 Kinikilig din naman ako for you guys I’m not made of stone. Pero minsan kasi… ugh. Wala ka bang number ng girlfriend/boyfriend mo? Kasi suggestion lang ha… pwedeng magtext.

2. 528218347 Ang baho ng hininga mo but I’m glad we’re friends!

Sigh. NAPA-HAY NA LANG???? So frustrated pala talaga ako????

In social media, we tend to overshare. I mean, kahit ako rin siguro cos oversharing is relative. But please, if information is meant to be discussed PRIVATELY then you should do it in private. It doesn’t need to be broadcasted in social media for everyone to see because guess what, WE DON’T CARE. If your target audience is composed of AN INDIVIDUAL, then DIRECT your message to that individual. We don’t need to see it.

I’m sorry but the Number Game annoyed the shit out of me. Hehehehe! I know trip nyo yan. And maybe you guys are bored. But I don’t get how is it a game? Like you message me a number, why don’t I just send you my *personal* message via PM??!! I’m so confused!!!! Parang lang syang number equivalent ng “Hi enge p0h ng tezti!!!!”

1. Pakatotoo ka sister!!!

Ka Yan and I brainstormed more annoying stuff on the internet and this is one of the things we came up with. Ang daming poser around. Keri lang naman minsan (like I get a good laugh out of it… Ay shet bad ba yon??) pero pag social climber levels na HINDI KO NA KERI!!! Now, I don’t have a criteria for judging paano mo masasabing social climber ang isang tao. Or poser, for that matter. I guess you’ll just know? Ang deep pala???!!! Also, you can check out this blog!

So my point is, social media is a venue for everyone to present their real selves. But since it’s 1) computer-mediated, 2) stuff does not happen real-time, AND 3) we can control what we post, edit, delete… Mahirap nang makita kung siya ba talaga ‘to or isang bersyon lang ng kanyang virtual self~~~

Itanong sa sarili: Ako ba talaga ‘to o representasyon lamang ng gusto kong ipakita sa mga tao?

Ganerrrn! I’ll maybe discuss this in a separate blog entry kapag tapos na ako sa Advanced Social Psychology. Feeling academic??!!!

Kung baduy ka, embrace your kabaduyan! It’s ok! We’ll love you for it. I promise.


O, bawal bad vibes ha! Peace and love to all mankind pa rin okay?!

Here’s Atom my love to make it all better.


Mwah! Love you guys like a love song! ❤


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