On the year that was: 2013!

Hey guys! It’s the last day of the year! What are you up to tonight?

Yes maka-segue lang! Yep, it’s that time of the year again! In fairness, ang bilis ng 2013 right? Parang kailan lang… 2012 pa lang! CHOS! No, but seriously where did my year go?

2013 has been good to me. It started out slow — I was lost and needed clarity. Then, it slowly cleared out. Like the clouds parted and the sun chose to shine on me. WOW??? This year, I started a new job and went back to school. I met and had the opportunity to work with great people. Also met a few good-looking ones… Hee hee! Kirengkeng!!!


This year, I took action and on the way to achieving my *dreams*. NAKS! Ang cheesy ba? I was at that point when I don’t know what my life’s purpose is. I have an idea now on where my passion lies. But I still have a lot of things to work on and figure out. Baby steps.

ANYWAY takeaways from 2013 AKA pa-deep reflections:

1. Be fucking brave. Sara Bareilles’s Brave inspired me a lot. I know I need to speak out more in person, and let my opinions and voice be heard. Yep, the song is about coming out but I was able to relate to it in that aspect. Be brave enough to stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

2. You don’t need to figure everything out NOW. This was my mistake. Akala ko I should know as in ngayon na what I should do with my life. I realized, you don’t have to plan everything and just go with the flow. Somehow. I mean, it’s nice to have a little direction but don’t put yourself in a box. Explore and see where life takes you.

3. Anything is possible if we help one another and ‘BE ONE’. The help that came in when Typhoon Yolanda struck Tacloban restored my faith in humanity. Donations and all kinds of assistance poured from all over the world. Filipinos went out of their way and helped. Information was disseminated, people responded and acted. It was a collaborative effort. However, I think we should all cooperate and work together even not in the face of adversity. Right? We don’t need to be hit by another storm surge to realize this.

Ayos ba? Hindi kayo sanay na seryoso ako noh??!! For my 2014 wish, well, ang hiling ko lang kay Lord ay isang Atom Araullo. Kahit kawangis nya. Hindi naman ako choosy. 🙂

In all sincerity, I wish you-whoever-is-reading-this post a blessed and fruitful year ahead.

Happy New Year, guys!!! Cheers to the year that was and the year that will be. The best is always yet to come!

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