Happenings: Tegan and Sara Live in Manila 2013!

Last night, I went from LB to Taguig to catch Tegan and Sara‘s first ever gig in Manila. They reiterated it enough that after 14 years (fans, correct me if I heard wrong) they finally got the chance to perform for their Filipino fans! ANO BA ANG SAYA KO RIN!

I fell in love with their music just this year when a friend told me that they and Up Dharma Down (who opened for T&S last night yey) are kinda in the same genre of music. So I listened to their songs and the rest is history.

WARNING: Most photos… okay fine lahat yata blurred. Isipin nyo na lang, art yan.







Tegan and Sara did not disappoint. Their set went on for about an hour and a half – with 19 songs plus two encore. They performed almost all songs from Heartthrob (except I’m Not Your Hero) and some from their previous albums that they consider fan favorites. Ugh God when they played Closer? I don’t think I ever jumped that much in my life!

I’m surprised that Tegan and Sara sound astounded when they talked about how the Filipinos welcomed them. I think it was Tegan who said, “We were like the Backstreet Boys for a while there… or maybe gay One Direction.” I mean, napaisip tuloy ako how they were received by other countries/cities. E hello, THEY’RE HOT. Aside from their freakishly good looks, they are sooooo good onstage. Just watching them play their instruments makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


It was definitely an amazing night. I hope Tegan and Sara will come back soonest. (Also please, pakibulungan si Sara Bareilles na pumunta rin dito cos Filipinos are awesome. Not kidding.)

Thank you for letting us experience your music with you, T&S! ❀


5 thoughts on “Happenings: Tegan and Sara Live in Manila 2013!”

  1. I love Tegan and Sara too!!! It’s just so sad that I missed it last night. They must come back really soon! and yes, I totally agree with you that hopefully the next time theyll be here, they must bring with them Sara Bareilles! I love her too! Tapos UDD ulit opening act! All in one package na talaga! πŸ˜€ ❀

    1. Hi Anon!

      Yey a co-T&S/Sara Bareilles/UDD fan! πŸ™‚ I think there’s a huge possibility that T&S will come back cos they seemed really happy with the audience’s energy last night. Pero sana naman hindi nila kami ineechos! Haha!

  2. Yeah!I saw a fan video showing how they really want to come back. Seems legit naman ang tuwa nila. ❀ plus Florence and the Machine sana if ever! lahat na!:D

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