ANOBAYAN: My 5 Social Media Pet Peeves

ANOBAYAN is a new segment in my blog (segment talaga?? professional blogger??) that will constitute rants about anything and everything. Basta stuff that makes me and my friends go “ANOBAYAN??”

Social media is basically a part of our everyday lives now, right? These days, almost everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. Ang saya diba cos we are updated of everything that’s happening. Ang daling mag-stalk — este, social research.


I go online everyday because of work. Also, I’ve been exploring different social media platforms for maybe 10 years now. I am no social media expert ha (though a friend of mine told me I should write a book on proper social media usage. I told her ilalagay ko sa stone tablet ala Ten Commandements. But I don’t want to preach). I am just very very observant. Saka marami lang akong opinyon.

At dahil marami akong opinyon, here are my 5 major social media pet peeves that make me go ANOBAYAN??

5. A pretty selfie + Oh you know, I’m flawed and imperfect quote as caption

I am not sure if this could be categorized under humblebrag. It is noh? Anyway, it makes me cringe. So ang purpose ba ng selfie na ito ay mainspire ako? Why is it so hard for people to put “ANG GANDA/POGI KO DITO ANO BA”? Kasi that’s bragging na? Wag mo na lang lagyan ng caption. We get it. You’re not perfect pero ang ganda mo. Next!

P.S. Medyo guilty ako dito pero imbis na inspiring quote, song line ang caption ng selfies ko during the Friendster era. Imagine, gandang-gandang selfie + “If you could only know me like your prayers at night”

I know right. BAKET???


Whenever I see this comment under one’s selfie, naiisip ko na lang very grateful naman ng taong ‘to. Tama yan. Sagarin mo na, pasalamatan mo isa-isa.

3. “Hi! Paki-like naman…”

This is the oldest and, I assume, the most popular social media pet peeve of all. Not all naman are annoying. If you asked nicely, I will like it. If we’re friends, go lang. Just ask nicely at mangamusta ka man lang. Also, make sure that whatever it is you want me to like is likable. Charott. Suplada???!!! Kasi guys, people will like what they want to like. Some don’t like to be told what to do. Okay? 🙂

2. Sugat ko, share ko!

NO ONE WANTS TO SEE A PHOTO OF YOUR BLEEDING, OPEN WOUND. Kahit na yung nanunuyo mong sugat. Alam mo kung bakit? Kasi it’s kadiri. Why would you subject your friends to such horrendous thing? For sympathy? Usually kasi when I see these kinds of posts, ang nasa comments ay “Ohmigod what happened??!” Seriously, if that person is injured ferrealz, hindi nya yan makukuhanan ng litrato. Buhusan ng alcohol!

1. The Spoilers

I stay away from Twitter whenever there’s a The Voice elimination and if a favorite series of mine is on its season finale episode. Ang dami kasing epal. Dear people of social media, y’all should learn how to be considerate with what you share to your followers/friends. The last time I felt so much hate is when How I Met Your Mother finally revealed the mother. Tapos may friend ako sa Facebook who shared THE MOTHER’S FREAKING PHOTO. Irita Avila. Napasigaw na lang ako ng “NOOOOO! MY EYES!”

Stop ruining people’s lives. Don’t be a spoiler.

There is, however, an important lesson learned here: Stay off social media if you know that something “monumental” is going to happen in your fave show. Cos chances are, meron at merong magpopost. Also, trending topics.


I hope this list finds you well. Kung tinamaan kayo sa isa dyan… um, well. Ganyan talaga ang buhay. Let’s all make the social media world a better place, okay guys? Yey!

If you have other social media pet peeves, magcomment lang kayo dyan! ❤

10 thoughts on “ANOBAYAN: My 5 Social Media Pet Peeves”

  1. Ayyy nako imbiyerna ako sa mga wagas makapag flaunt ng relationship nila aka. exessive online PDA via social media. Hindi sa naiinggit ako ha (I’m actually seeing someone at the moment myself) – pero gets, leave a little mystery/something to the imagination. Hindi yung bawat galaw niyo ipagsisigaw niyo sa mundo.

    1. AGREE! Dapat isasama ko rin dito as a minor pet peeve, kaso they get a free pass for me cos they’re ~*in love*~ charot! Pero true. Every monthsary noh, may featured post? Wish ko lang, hindi sila magbreak. Kasi ang dami nilang buburahin. ❤

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