Bye Septemer

Last month was kinda eventful and I have photos that I would like to share, if you guys don’t mind.

DISCLAIMER: Some are just for artsy fartsy purposes and doesn’t really have event value to it. (Nonetheless, my social life peeked a bit last month which is awesome. I had a life. Yay!) Also, I’m loving this new app called VSCO CAM! The photo editing is flawless.


Sept 7, 2013. I was invited to a friend’s wedding. I was also able to catch up with a few of my high school friends… plus a couple of exes. Cheers to Ivan and Carla!


Sept 12, 2013. This photo is a substitute to what really happened that day. *giggles* But whatever. Anyway, THIS IS A NURSERY RHYME? I found this in a former colleague’s book. Nakakaloka.


Sept 13, 2013. I went to the Manila International Book Fair with my colleagues and bought these babies. After weeks of stress, AAAAAAHHH!!! I feel refreshed. I’m done with Eleanor & Park which gave me major feels. Still thinking if I have the right words to even explain my ‘reading experience.’ It’s been a while since I last posted a Bookmarked entry!


Sept 24, 2013. Something showed up after days of rain. Also, my workplace says hi.


Sept 25, 2013. I added something on my wall. One of the things I miss in the United States is making wishes on dandelions. Yes, I was a dandelion hoarder. I needed the wishes. They all came true by the way which proved the dandelion’s effectiveness. I’m going back to the US by the end of the month so I’m gonna get all the dandelions I could find and wish on ’em all. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Sept 28, 2013. Here I am with two of my best-est friends in the world. TJ (the one in the middle) celebrated her birthday with lolos and lolas at Nazareth Bahay ng Pag-ibig, a home for the aged in San Pablo. It was a fun and fulfilling experience and I’m glad to be part of something this special.


Sept 28, 2013. Deep in conversation with my favorite, Lola Baby. I loved talking to her! She reminded me so much of my Lola Ona who passed away early this year. Sabi ko sa kanya, bisitahin niya ako sa IRRI once she gets out of the house. Ilibre ko daw siya sa cafeteria. I hope I could see her again someday!

How about you guys? How did your September go? October’s going to be better right? RIGHT?

The best is always yet to come. x


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