Happenings: My weekend in LA

Yes you read that right! I spent two days, two nights, and six hours in LA. In short, nagpagod lang ako. Charot!



Ang tanging request ko sa tatay ko ay please please gumala kami sa Downtown LA. As you guys know, I’m a HUGE FAN of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I can’t emphasize that enough) and I first fell in love with him in (500) Days Of Summer. That movie is like my hollywood One More Chance. (500) Days of Summer presented Downtown LA in a beautiful light so I just had to see the city for myself.


The weather was perfect for my pamamasyal! Sunny yet the wind was super cool. Unlike here na manlilimahid ka talaga sa sobrang banas.

First stop: Angels Knoll Park

We rode this tiny railway to the park called Angels Flight. Angels Flight is actually the shortest incorporated railway in the world sabi dun sa bato. The fare is just 50 cents! So if you’re tinatamad to take the stairs, you can go to the park via this mini chu-chu train.

SO GUYS ITO NA! Papa was actually the one who spotted the benches and I just wanted to jump off the car ora mismo. Sinong kinikilig? AKO ‘YON. *fangirl scream*


To refresh your memory, Angels Knoll is where Tom’s favorite spot in the world is located. Remember the “PENIS!” scene? E the bench? The famous bench?


There used to be a plaque at the back of the bench. So ‘yung bangas sa likod was our clue na “THIS IS IT!” I also have a photo saved in my phone for reference. Hihihi.


“I just woke up and I knew… what I was never sure of with you.” FEELING!!!


View from Tom’s favorite spot! ❤


Angels Knoll is perfect for a day date, muni-muni, or soul-searching! The bench has a nice view of some of the beautiful buildings in Downtown LA. And I assure you, the parking lots don’t ruin the scenery.

Next stop: Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain

The second and final stop of my (500) Days of Summer mini tour is where Tom did this:

I’m not sure where they shot most of the scenes pero my guess is it’s still within the Civic Center.


Amirite? What do you think?

Anyway, I just went straight to the fountain and took more selfies there!DSC_0150

Nagtampisaw din ako don sa fountain plaza (just below this fountain) and there were a lot of kids… taking bath. Ewan ko naligo talaga sila. ‘Yung iba lumalangoy-langoy don. Kakaloka! Sabon at shampoo na lang ang kulang. Siguro the parents were like, “Shet walang tubig. Pumunta tayo sa fountain plaza!” Wala namang sumusuway so I guess it’s allowed.

Third and final stop: Griffith Park and Observatory

For the final stop of my pamamasyal, we went uphill all the way to Griffith Park and Observatory. It’s a good place for Astronomy enthusiasts to come together, mount their telescopes and look at the pretty sky.


Epal lang ako.


There were a lot of telescopes around. People can line up and take a peek. The owners were welcoming enough, even discussing bits of information about astronomy. Super fun and informative! Inside the observatory are stuff about the galaxy, light, electricity, and more.

Griffith Park also gives you a stellar view of the Downtown LA skyline…


…and the HOLLYWOOD sign!


Wag ka, may wind effect pa ‘yan!

My first trip to LA is definitely short and sweet. I hope to explore more of the so-called city of angels in the future! And maybe get a glimpse of JGL, Andrew Garfield, or Adam Levine? Tapos isasako ko sila pauwi ng Pinas. Charot! Bye!


5 thoughts on “Happenings: My weekend in LA”

  1. Wow! Happy and weekend na ‘to! Dahil dito gusto ko ulit panuorin yung (500) Days of Summer. Gusto ko dun sa favorite spot ni Tom.

    Kapag may napagsawaan ka sa mga iuuwi mo, willing akong bumili ng secondhand FYI 🙂

    1. In fairness sa favorite spot ni Tom. Super nice! Presko pa!

      Hihi noted! I actually didn’t have time to shop bilang super short lang ng stay ko and all :/ Sana next time mas matagal na.

      1. Hindi mo naman mapagsasabay yung tatlo mong isasako diba? So pwedeng akin muna si Adam Levine.. Hihihihi.

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