Happenings: Go tayo sa Fort Santiago!

First of all, I’m sorry for the pa-witty title but I love it so I take my sorry back. Lol. Second, I missed blogging! Sa totoo lang wala naman akong masyadong ganap. WHAT. I know, I know. Summer is about to end and I haven’t even set foot on sand. Kahit anong klaseng buhangin waley. Pero keri!

I’ve been having the urge to travel since the year started. I actually promised myself that I will go out more and explore the wonderful places here in the Philippines. So far, sa Fort Santiago pa lang ako napapadpad. Ang layo diba! The actual plan was my best-est friends and I will go to Vigan. Then due to fund issues, we resorted to Corregidor. Alam nyo na ang ending — sa Intramuros.


I’ve never been to Fort Santiago which is such an embarrassment. Arte? Pero totoo yan. Sa dinami-dami ng field trips ko since elem, walang nagbalak pumunta ng Fort Santiago. I don’t know why. Mas trip nila ang mga planta ng softdrinks at instant noodles bakit ba.


My friends and I walked from the Intramuros entrance to Fort Santiago which is malayo pala. It’s okay to walk especially if you’re sanay sa mga lakaran like me (UPLB trained me to be a good walker charot). Pero kung hindi, may mga pedicabs naman na nakatambay at nangungulit around. They also offer tour packages around Intramuros.


Mawawala ba ang artsy fartsy photos?

DSC_0846 copy

Ohai, Manila Cathedral!


Fort Santiago is located behind the fire station near Manila Cathedral and Palacio del Gobernador. Entrance fee is only P50 for students and P75 for professionals. So mura and so sulit! For a kuripot like me, I’m very happy with what I paid for. Char.

Here I am doing my best “I’m a stalker” pose and hiding.DSC_0861

We had fun with the standee things! Feeling turista 2k13.


Ito na ‘yung legit entrance to Fort Santiago. Brace yourselves! Charot!

DSC_0877 copy


I didn’t know that Rajah Sulayman theater is located inside Fort Santiago. Anyway, ang ganda. So eerie and creepy! Ako lang may picture cos my friends are duwag. Buwahahaha!

DSC_0884 DSC_0888

Next stop, Rizal Shrine!


My favorite place in the whole of Fort Santiago is the Bulwagan ng Panulat (Chamber of Text). Bukod sa maganda ang lighting (hahaha), this is where you’ll find all of Rizal’s works and writings. Sculpture man yan or even his medical tools! Carla, my best friend who is a med student in UP Manila, had a moment.

Actually ang dami nyang moment.


The planes of wood etched with text and me reading. Emote! Syempre di ako nagbabasa nyan pero nagbasa ako after promise!


Noli Me Tangere!DSC_0925

Presenting the creepiest place of ’em all, the prison cell of Jose Rizal. Kaloka may wax figure pa don sa likod akala ko security guard. Si Rizal pala.


By the way, you can take photos inside the shrine (obvious ba) but flash photography is not allowed. Nagtutunawan ang mga artifacts! Afraid!


Ang Tulang Walang-Hanggan (The Valedictory Poem) room is my second favorite. The walls are etched with the words from Mi Ultimo Adios and the floor is inked with the story about how the poem reached Rizal’s family. May mga jejemon na humiga sa sahig which is also not allowed kasi nabubura ‘yung words. And, well, ano ba bakit ka hihiga.

DSC_0974 copy

During our tour in Rizal Shrine, a tour guide from Laguna talked to us and asked us if we’re professionals. He was glad that we took the time to go to Fort Santiago and educate ourselves with the country’s rich history. Ang ganda nga naman don, guys. If you haven’t been to Fort Santiago, ano ba go na!


Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan. Hintayin ko kayo sa Intramuros bus. Charot!


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