Happenings: Judd’s Graduation

Yesterday, my brother graduated from college.

Judd is the second-born of the family. We are only a year apart but we are different in so many ways. I can say that he the most mabait out of all of us because Waki, the bunso, is very much like me. Hahaha! Mama and I would sometimes talk about Judd and we both agree that he is the calm and reserved one. Chill lang ‘yan. Noong nagsabog ng pagiging kalmado sa mundo, tulog ako at hindi niya ako ginising. Inangkin niya lahat! He also doesn’t have anything bad to say about anyone, which I think is his best trait.

My brother graduated with a degree in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba. Here are some photos of what went down during the ceremony:

DSC_0500 copy

DSC_0520 copy

DSC_0525 copy

DSC_0535 copy

DSC_0528 copy

DSC_0540 copy

DSC_0546 copy

DSC_0551 copy

DSC_0552 copy

DSC_0557 copy

DSC_0559 copy

DSC_0560 copy

DSC_0561 copy

DSC_0562 copy

DSC_0575 copy

DSC_0576 copy

DSC_0591 copy

DSC_0595 copy

Congratulations, Juddy boy! Ate is so proud of you! I love you. šŸ™‚


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