Pick-Me-Upper of the Week: Flickering Lights Reprise and All Things Joe

WARNING: This is a serious fangirl post. I’m sorry. I’m not sorry.

Yesterday, hitRECord released the video Flickering Lights Reprise. It was a poem written and read in the video by wirrow, with different photo/image/video contributions from hitRECorders all around the world. During hitRECord on the Road, Joe allotted time for this collab and for the audience to also contribute. The video below is the finished product.

ANG GANDA DIBA! I attempted to record myself while reading the poem but it came out terrible. Ang pangit talaga kahit bedroom voice ako by default. wirrow did an amazing job and gave the poem a haunting vibe to it. In a good way, syempre.

I watched the video yesterday at 6am and immediately tweeted about it. Then this happened.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 5.33.02 PM

Oh those two symbols are enough for me to have a stupid smile plastered on my face the entire week. Another successful fangirl moment!

A while ago, one of my college instructors shared this link to me on Facebook. I appreciate the gesture not only because it’s JGL-related but because she actually thought of me when she saw the article. Touched na touched ako!

So far, 2013 has been really really kind to me in terms of my fangirling. It compensates my lack of career and love life. Lol. At least this aspect of my life is doing great. Just so you know dear friends, I take fangirling seriously.


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