No wonder why I had the sudden urge to blog today! I’m a sucker for commemorating anniversaries (just cos I am so good at dates). Lol

My brain is still hung over from last week’s Feb Fair (I don’t have photos. I’m still waiting for everyone to upload theirs!) so I really don’t have any reflection, pa-deep echos to write about. I just visited to see how long it has been since I last posted something sensible, then I looked at my archives and saw that ‘February 2012’ was at the bottom. I kinda hoped that I didn’t miss my blog’s birthday and voila! I DIDN’T! Ang saya!


I’ve been blogging since 2003 (ultimate jejemon phase I tell you), my first blog’s username was a mix of sticky caps and numbers replaced letters. It was… wait, I couldn’t even remember it. It has my name, smile, and ‘kulet’ jammed into one word. Major eyesore. It looked more like a goddamn password than an actual blog name. Yep, I have my fair share of cringe-worthy blogger days. Ulk. isabellamari at WordPress is probably the blog that is most ‘me’. Here, I was able to share my interests, passion, thoughts, stories, frustrations, strong and weak moments. I crey. Charot!

And since it’s my blog’s special day, I’m giving away a zillion vibes of happiness to everyone!

P.S. MY BLOG WOULDN’T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT MY SUCCESSFUL FANGIRLING STORIES! One of which I shared with this guy right here. Happy birthday from this side of the world, Joe! (It’s still his birthday in LA. Pagbigyan!) Hope you’re enjoying the badass party hat I made you.

DSC_0073_instant copy

Excuse me, I have a virtual party to attend to.

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