It’s Christmas!

Wow. It’s been weeks, dear blog. I think I’m running out of cool blog post ideas. I used to have LOTS. Charot!

Anyway, if you are an avid reader/visitor of my thought crap dumpsite — MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU! I actually don’t have anything interesting to talk about. I spent the past few weeks in the hospital, taking care of my grandmother (pray for her, please?). However, I did do something to commemorate this festive day. I took photos of different Christmas trees I found around the country (AY I’M BACK IN THE PHILIPPINES, FYI). I’m talking about big ass trees with lotsa lights. Here are some!

The Plaza, Calamba City

And the best Christmas tree of ’em all…


CHAROT! Don’t judge me please. This is an obligatory GPOY beside our Christmas tree. Lol. Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope y’all had a happy holiday! ❤

(all photos are from my Instagram)


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