Grateful heart

What am I thankful for?

Distance. Ironically, the distance brought me closer to my family and best friends. They provided me with constant words of comfort and moral support when I needed it. Being away from my loved ones made me realize that no amount of money or success can replace them. When I get home, I’ll make sure not to take for granted the time I can spend with them.

Failure. This year has been so emotionally and mentally challenging. I felt insecure. I felt that I wasn’t good enough to become anything. Moving here was tough. All the positive energy I packed slowly diminished until I’m left with a pool of doubt. I tried and I failed constantly which sucks ass. Hahaha! Although I didn’t become somebody, I would like to think that I am not the same person. Acceptance is the key. All I have to do now is to move forward.

Time. This whole experience gave me time to take things slow and think things through. What will make me happy? Am I willing to settle? In the times that I felt lost and incompetent, I discovered what I can do and who I want to become someday. Whatever it takes. No excuses. When will I go after my happiness? When it’s already too late? No. Life is too short to procrastinate.

I would like to think that aside from God gave me what I wanted, He also gave me what I need.

What are you thankful for?


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