Things to look forward to: hitRECord on the Road

Pwera usog.

Guise, I cannot put into words how excited I am for this show. If we’re friends, you must know how much I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I even wrote him an open letter telling him that I hope I’ll be given a chance to catch one of his shows! I’m a fan of his work. The open collaborative community hitRECord is at the top of my list!

When Joe announced that they’re going to have a mini-tour, I swear I prayed long and hard for them to include Baltimore or any nearby city. Imagine my delight when they included Washington DC in their tour!

The show is in 7 freaking days!!!!

I had no idea what they do in these shows but thank God (and hitRECord) for this very informative video.

Come to our shows! Our shows are going to be fcuking rad!

For more info about the tour click here.

For more info on hitRECord click here. You can sign up and contribute records like I did!

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