Happenings: Saturday, Oct 13th

Hi guys! Kumusta? Me? I’m okay. Same old. Nothing is happening which is fine, believe it or not. I know I’ve been frustrated the past month (I still am but less). It’s just that… I hate worrying. So I decided to stop worrying and follow Jason Mraz’s advice to not worry my life away. My something-to-look-forward-to in November is also my motivation to not get bored.

Hindi ako masyadong lumalabas ng bahay dahil freezing cold na sa labas. Hindi kinakaya ng Pilipino kong balat. Oh, I miss the heat! If this is autumn, winter will be the death of me. Anyway, today I went out. I was out of the house the almost the whole day which is cool. It’s so cool I needed to blog about it. Pagbigyan nyo na ako misan lang ako magkwento. Baka sabihin nyo puro padeep echos lang ang alam ko. ❤


Obligatory self-portrait putol shot before heading out. I went to AMC Theatres to watch The Perks of Being A Wallflower (FINALLY) after 23 days. Perks is shown in select cities and muntik nang wala sa aking nearest theatre. I was about to flip! I didn’t realize na very Sam ang peg ko with my letterman jacket ’til Emma Watson showed up in the movie. I should’ve worn a thin, red headband.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower made me cry sad and happy tears. It also made me miss my friends more.

photo (2)_instant

After watching Perks, I went home for lunch then we went out again to go fishing at Rocky Point Beach Park. I didn’t actually fish cos it was so goddamn cold. Nag-moment lang ako ng bongga. This bench caught my eye cos of its Naley feel! Remember that “don’t say I never gave you anything” scene? I almost looked for my Nathan Scott!

I sat on this spot for a good 30 minutes. I didn’t bother to listen to music. I just took in the sound of the crashing waves. Hay, I could definitely get used to this.

image (1)_instant

Just the perfect photo to cap off a good day.


7 thoughts on “Happenings: Saturday, Oct 13th”

  1. Aaww.. BFF! I envy you for having those places to go. There never seems to be a quiet peaceful place here in Manila. I miss ElBi so much cause of this. I have no place for quiet reflection. CHOS. Anyway, ikaw na ang nagfishing, so bonggey! HAHA. I’m glad you watched Perks, we need to watch it with Sosep when you get baaaack. #uwinabelay

    1. I know a place in Antipolo kaso it’s a resort. You can see the QC/Marikina(?) skyline! Okay hindi sya Manila. *facepalm*

      I miss LB too! Tayo talaga ang magkakaibigan na mahilig magreflect. Been doing that for more than two months :)) Hahaha! WE NEED TO WATCH PERKS TOGETHER. Perfect trio movie for the superpower friends! Sosep claims that he’s Charlie so paano tayo? Hahahaha! #uwinakoplease

      1. hahaha. whut. ang layo naman ng Antipolo. haha. Oh yes, it’s the perfect movie for us three. At bakit si Sosep si Charlie, bakit siya ang palaging bida?? Haha! Ako nalang si Patrick since I’m gay that way and you’re Sam cause well you’re cool that way. #uwinabelay (yes, nagccount ang hashtag dito. hahaha)

      2. E he called dibs on Charlie when we talked via Facetime! Okay ako na si Sam kasi pareho kaming may letterman jacket. DEEP? Hahahaha!


      3. Haha! Sobrang deep, ibang level.At kelang kayo nagfacetime at bakit hindi ako involved?? HAHA. I MISS YOU BOTH, SOBRA!! #uwinabelay

      4. HAHAHA! I’m forever oblivious!! Yun pala yun! Hahaha. ME TOO! Daig pa ni Sosep ang schedule ng artista at politiko please! 😀 #uwinabelay

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