Sunday Reflections: Possessed

I was praying for a sign. All these weeks, I’ve been praying for it. I’m glad I heard it today.

I went to mass this morning and the sermon was so beautiful. The priest talked about how we get so attached to our possessions that they end up possessing us. This so-called attachment only leads to unhappiness. Makes sense, huh? He told us that people kept holding on to the things they think that matter like money, power, and success for the approval of their family and peers. Dependence on these things that are not even permanent results to enslavement of one’s happiness.

The priest said that we have to distinguish these false wants and needs, these possessions that make us  feel trapped.

I’m tired of this whole approval-seeking thing. I want happiness. Don’t we all? As for me money, power, and success can’t give me that. I know it.


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