Quick post: Questions

The problem with me is, I get so affected with what other people think. I let their thoughts crawl into my consciousness and let it torture me til I cry “Why the fuck am I doing this???” No regrets is not my motto. You see, I’m not happy. I miss my family and friends but it goes deeper than that. People say that being here is a great opportunity. I guess opportunities are also relative.

Where do I draw the line between being patient, and letting things go and accepting the fact that’s there nothing for me here?

I don’t want to give up. But is going home a sign of defeat? I hope not.


7 thoughts on “Quick post: Questions”

  1. I’d say go home. Lol :))

    But make the most of your stay there Belay! I’m sure whatever you decide on will always, always, lead you somewhere great. Maybe you can’t sit still right now but a positive eye on the future is always good.

  2. Me too! I’d say go home. But my reasons I must admit are highly selfish. a.k.a. I need my support system complete. HAHA. But kidding aside, I’m sure being there is a great opportunity, you never know who you might bump into and you just might discover something about yourself you never knew existed. padeep! And heller, coming back isn’t a sign of defeat. Coming back home never is. 😀

    1. Hahahaa ay nako yang discover discover na yan feeling ko I’m in some kind of retreat. Right now, I don’t want to talk to anyone. People just don’t understand. And yes hello JGL and AGarf! I want to go to NYC before going home. Hahahaha! Yun lang pala ang purpose in life.

      1. Shala naman ng retreat mo teh, halfway around the globe! haha. Deal kaya natin yan, once you meet them uwian na! haha. Okay lang ang mababaw na purpose in life, parang ang pagrefuse lang namin ni Sosep maging achiever. KKPGD. 😀

      2. E what if I don’t meet them? Wala nang uwian? Hahahaha okay na ko sa makatungtong ng New York! I’ll go home a happy person. Actually, nakakapagod ngang maging achiever. I just want to be happy. Not sure yet if achieving things will make me happy. For now, going home is my ultimate happy thing.

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