Bookmarked: The Fault In Our Stars


If there’s one book I’ve waited a long time to read, it would be this.

I didn’t want to buy The Fault In Our Stars as soon as it was released because 1) it’s hard-bound, for the record kuripot pa rin naman ako when it comes to book-buying, and 2) I would want someone to give it to me as a gift. But no one paid attention to my birthday wishlist so it wasn’t until September 13 that I finally got hold of the book! I requested BCPL to place it on hold for me since everyone (I guess) wants to read it. All 14 copies in the library are always checked out or on hold thus the waiting.

The Fault In Our Stars is written from the POV of Hazel, a girl diagnosed with thyroid cancer and was given (by some miracle drug) more years to live. Hazel has almost given up with her life. Not wanting to experience anything, she spent her days at home watching re-runs of America’s Next Top Model. That was until she met Augustus Waters, a beautiful blue-eyed boy, through the Cancer Support Group.

I liked the story, though I wasn’t as crazy about it compared to when I was reading his other works. It’s pretty tragic but the wittiness is still there. It’s sad yet beautiful. It’s a John Green book, why wouldn’t it be beautiful? I’m biased, sorry. John Green fangirl here! The beauty is in the final chapters, I tell you. It left me heartbroken on a Sunday evening with no one to comfort me. Charlot!

Seriously though, the story made me think of what people will remember me by when I die. Am I a bitch? Was I a great leader? A supportive sister? An obedient daughter? How many people did I help or was able to touch? Like Augustus, I fear oblivion. I want to do something great and I want be able to leave a mark in this world. The things we do will always have an effect on someone, anyone. For me, what matters is finding that someone you want to have a connection with, a long-lasting impact.

That someone you want to leave a memory with.

“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you.”

Choose wisely and follow your heart.


6 thoughts on “Bookmarked: The Fault In Our Stars”

  1. I have been DYING to get this. 😦

    But yes, it’s hard bound here. Lol. I walked in FullyBooked the day I resigned — yknow to make me feel better — bumped into a stack of those and ended up getting a paperback of ANOTHER book I’ve been wanting to buy. LOL FAIL. Ha ha ha but, soon, when I get a new job, I will!

    Your entry just made me want to get it asap.

  2. One of the many many books that I’m planning to buy once I’m out of my agreement with my brother not to buy books, ahem, that was a little bit confusing. This is maybe somewhere in the top 8 spot 🙂

    1. I highly recommend all John Green books! 🙂 Paper Towns is my favorite but TFiOS is just too heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Grabe intense emotions. Aw when will that agreement end? Soon, I hope! 😀

      1. Sabi nya pag nabasa ko na lahat ng na-hoard kong books sa bahay. Sabi ko nasa “to read” list ko naman silang lahat. Hahaha. Bisyo e.

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