Things to look forward to: Fall!

At my age, there is still such a thing as “there’s a first time for everything.” I thought I was running out of firsts!

My 2012 horoscope did not lie when it said that I’ll be experiencing major changes this year. The firsts came with the changes, of course. My first time to live in a foreign country, my first time to be away from my family this long, first time to resign from a job, first time to cook rice (via a rice cooker!), and the latest… my first time to make kwek-kwek! I feel like striking items out from my non-existent bucket list. I have to check again baka may something about my love life to blossom this year. Chosera!

September’s here! Anong meron? MY FIRST FALL SEASON! ❤

It’s not yet officially full-blown Fall season yet. I just love how this tree has red dried leaves!

Pa-artsy fartsy! The sun-is-about-to-set-and-hello-red-tuyong-dahon is the potential caption.

I’m a Fall noob. Hihihi.

Kinikilig ako. I am excited about Fall! This Thought Catalog entry made me even more excited! May apple-picking pa and Halloween by October. Whaaat apple-picking? Yes I know. Super shalla. I feel like Snow White. Does she pick apples? No? Just poisoned by apples? Okay.

There’s something telling me that this Fall season’s going to be special. Walang kokontra! ❤


4 thoughts on “Things to look forward to: Fall!”

  1. First fall season?!? It’s going to be great! Oh gosh, fall is my favorite season. Just hearing the crunch of the leaves beneath your shoes as you’re walking down an empty street with nothing but the brisk breeze on your face. Too good!

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