McKibben or Rosati?

Watching last night’s Awkward episode (S02E08) made me think about my loyalties on Team Jake. And oh, about how Jenna has the WORST timing in the planet.

Timing was never my friend. That’s my sort of motto when things aren’t falling into place. I thought I had bad timing but Jenna here made me realize that I am still blessed. Her fictional timing is off. The worst. No one has the solution for bad timing. Sorry, Jenna.

During the first season, I don’t get why she’s so in love with Matty. In season two, we found out that she realized she’s in love with Matty after they had sex. Not judging her but… really? He must be gooooood. But Matty has weird mannerisms.

Sniffing his kili-kili is not adorable.

Jake, on the other hand, has always been the knight in shining armor. The funny guy. The boy-next-door. The perfect boyfriend, though he cheated on what’s-her-name-I-forgot-Sadie’s friend. But since he’s so nice to Jenna, people can’t help but root for Rosati. I did root for Jake.

But isn’t he too good to be true?

It’s funny how I am on Team Jake but in real life, I’d definitely be in love with a Matty. I hated Matty. He was kind-of-a-jerk to Jenna during the first season. He was all about sex, and then he didn’t want to DTR, and then when he’s finally ready Jenna isn’t because it took that long for him to realize that he really wants to be with Jenna. That he is in love with her.

Hay. The things you realize when something or someone has already been taken away from you.

As for Jenna, sabi nga ng Sexbomb Dancers “Kung ano ang nasa puso mo, sundin mo.”

I’m still figuring out if I’m on Team Jake or Matty but one thing’s for sure: I’m solid on Team Sadie.

How about you? Are you on Team Jake or Team Matty?


1 thought on “McKibben or Rosati?”

  1. HAHAHA! BFF, Mign and Mon introduced this to me during a sleepover. AND YOU ARE SO SADIE! IMY & ILY!

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