Happenings: East Coast Pasyalan Madness

The past few days were hectic. We’ve been driving from one state to another — it’s crazyyyy. Pasyalan muna before I face reality (aka waiting for my green card, learn how to drive, and get a job)! I’m just making the most out of it.


Went to New Jersey and stayed at my relatives’ home for three days. Basically spent my first weekend here in Jersey. Fumi-fist pump ako while taking photos. Chos! Wasn’t able to go to the Shore though. Excited pa naman ako to meet Snooki—Serna! Chos ulit. Napakacorny ko I’m so sorreh.

Saan ka nakakita ng theme park na nagpapatugtog ng The Fray at Teardrops On My Guitar ni Taylor Swift? Only in Hershey Park! The sweetest place on Earth! Heartbroken ang peg ng songs. I can’t help but be emo in an amusement park. I was too lazy to take photos cos it rained. There was a thunderstorm signal so they had to close ALL the rides. Kung sa Enchanted ‘yan tuloy ang ligaya! But yeah oh well. I guess they do prioritize safety at all times. Had fun at the Waterpark though! People were wearing two-piece bikinis and board shorts. Beach lang ang peg.

With our favorite chocolate! ❤

I forgot to bring my camera with me to Atlantic City. Labo. This photo’s in Atlantic City Boardwalk. May beach sa side and there were bands playing. Giant seagulls were flying at talagang nangunguha sila ng food. Mabababa ang lipad nila, feeling ko aatakihin ako sa puso.

My favorite state (that we visited) is Philadelphia! We rode a bus, complete with a tour guide, around the city! I didn’t know that Philly’s rich with culture and history. The architecture is amazing as well. Old brick buildings around. Ang cool!

Philadelphia City Hall! ❤

The drive to Washington DC was the shortest. It’s a 45-minute drive from Baltimore. So many tourists around, I didn’t feel out of place. Hihihi. This one’s outside Lincoln Memorial.

Mabuhay Lincoln! Nabubuhay ba ‘to kapag gabi? CHOS!

I think this was outside some Executive Building. Spot the Cavete. I don’t know if Cavite’s spelled that way in the 1800s. Pero wrong spelling wrong pa rin!

At syempre, pwede bang wala kaming picture outside White House? May kasama pang stranger na busy sa pag-inom ng juice. Ahoy there kuya!

I like Downtown Baltimore. The Inner Harbor’s where the tourists go to.

TITANIC! Chos! This ship’s named Spirit. S Supernatural, P Phenomenal!

I’ve been in six states already! Counting the ones we drove by… Wehehehe! When the time comes that I learn how to drive (professionally and gracefully) and get my license, I’ll go to Wilmington and visit OTH locations! Saka na ang New York kapag sexy na ako, mayaman na ako, at ready na for me sila Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Andrew Garfield. ❤


5 thoughts on “Happenings: East Coast Pasyalan Madness”

  1. I can’t believe you’re really there already! Chos. Arte? HAHA. Keep posting pictures of your adventures! Love you! ❤

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