Bookmarked: Why We Broke Up

WARNING: Might contain spoilers!

After how many number of weeks, I finally got the hang of Why We Broke Up. I resumed reading yesterday (I stopped two weeks ago) and finished the book today.

Besides the fact that this was recommended by Sosep (who, I found out yesterday, hasn’t finished the book yet!), I bought the book because of its title. Yes, I judge books by their titles. And also by their covers. Hello, who doesn’t love breakups? CHOS BITTER KO. We can all relate to heartbreak stories. That’s why One More Chance is such a hit.

I also bought the book because of the monologue at the back cover.

This is it, Ed. The whole story of why we broke up.


Why We Broke Up’s told by Min Green (a film lover, very ‘arty’ as other characters would describe her) in a letter to Ed Slaterton (their high school basketball team’s Co-Captain and ultimate heartthrob). One day, she dumped the above box on Ed’s doorstep. The box contains all the things that reminded her of Ed. Everything. For every object, Min told a story on how it contributed to their failed relationship. Yes, on why they broke up.

The story was okay. The plot was too common for me though. I expected and wished for a different ending. The characters acted the way they should act, stereotypically. Also, the sentences constructed were too long. I had a problem reading it cos I got tired easily. It wasn’t at all swabe. 😦

On a positive note, the story is relatable. For those who had their hearts broken, who broke up with their boyfriends and girlfriends because of differences and infidelity, this could be a source of enlightenment (as Kelly would put it). What Min did was an act of letting go. She needed closure and she had it on her own terms.

I cried at the end because I felt Min’s pain. We did not have the same experience but I had my heart broken too. It all hurts just the same.

2 thoughts on “Bookmarked: Why We Broke Up”

  1. Ooohh! I’ve been meaning to get a copy of this book! I miss reading and I miss you BFF! ❤

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