How I spent my Friday in LB

Remember how I wanted/needed to go to LB and take photos of its beauty? I did that today! I went to LB and got my diploma translated (which will be released next Friday) then I met up with Bill (for breakfast), apo Lara and inaanak Kala, and Sosep (for lunch). Checks on my things I need/want to do before I leave. Yay! I feel so productive. I haven’t packed yet though… which means I am not that productive. Chos!

This is how I spent my Friday in LB ❤

Hullo students, jeepneys, and We Deliver
Black & Brew counter. Our favorite place! ❤
Uma-artsy fartsy while waiting for Sep

B&B’s omelette and luncheon meat meal for lunch!
BF Sosep ❤
College of Development Communication ❤
Carabao Paaaaaark! ❤

Haaaaay, LB mamimiss kita. In a few days, hindi na ako pwede tumakbo dito whenever I feel stressed or sad. Hanggang picture na lang ako for a few months. I’m trying to be positive about this whole situation. What makes this difficult are the things and people I need to leave behind. For the most part, I guess kumo-comfort zone lang ang peg ko. And you know what they say about leaving your comfort zones! No? You’ll find magic daw. Echos! I found magic in LB and it wasn’t my comfort zone at first (segue). But it’s true! (#pumapositive2k12) I’m just happy I got to spend today in my favorite place with some of my favorite people. 🙂

I’ll be home soon, LB!  ❤

PS My flight’s moved! Will not be leaving tomorrow night. 🙂


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