Juddy boy

I think almost all of my friends have a crush or a hidden desire on my brother. World, say hello to Judd. Heartthrob status ang peg nyan, pero he stays humble and down to earth. I bet he knows he’s guapo, but doesn’t brag about it. That, I think, makes him more admirable.

My brother and I are opposites. I am the more outspoken one while he, on the other hand, would just sit and take in whatever / everything that will be thrown at him. He’s makulit and sutil when we were young. We used to fight a lot. We used to pull each other’s hair and punch the hell out of each other. My mother would always tell us that he’s the the most mabait out of her children. I agree! Waki and I, in elbi terms, are kupal. Waki is more like me although I wish he could be a little bit more like his kuya. Judd is a gentleman, knows what his priorities and responsibilities are, and very respectful to others.

Just last Thursday, July 5, my Juddy boy officially became a tatay to Lucas.

I know the past months were tough for him, but my brother stayed strong and responsible for him and Vince. When I received his text message last Thursday telling me that baby Lucas is finally born,  I teared up. I was full of pride. Iba yung feeling of pride na nararamdaman ko compared to when I watch pageants where he competes. He told us that Lucas was the best birthday gift from God and Vince. I couldn’t be more proud of him. 🙂

Congratulations to Judd and Vince! Welcome to our world, Lucas Judd Vincent. 🙂

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