Things to look forward to: The Amazing Spiderman

I started this whole ‘things to look forward to’ thing just this Friday. I talked to Jeng, one of my office mates, about my trip to the United States. Jeng understands how difficult it will be for me since she experienced the same when she worked in Japan. She told me that the situation will be more bearable if I list down the things I should look forward to when I get there. Like seeing New York, broadway, new people, culture. Basically, she advised that I should look at the brighter side of things but still consider life’s realities.

#1 in my list would be I’ll be closer to my crushes. Ang deep diba! I swear, I’m excited to pseudo stalk Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Andrew Garfield. Segue na ako to AGarf because The Amazing Spiderman will premiere here in the Philippines on the 29th!

Guys, it’s Andrew Garfield in freaking 3D. My friends would know that I had an AGarf phase last year before graduation. I watched his movies which were all kinda depressing except for The Social Network. Yes, you can say that I loved him before Emma Stone did. PS I am not bitter. Hahaha! 😀

You can say that I’m preparing myself.

I love you, Andrew Garfield. Hoping to see you not in 3D in the nearest future. A girl can dream! ❤


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