Turning write

I’ve always been insecure about my writing.

This thought crossed as I stumbled upon a certain short post on my Tumblr dash. I was her 5 years ago. I was a fresh high school graduate, I did not know what to expect in college. What is Development Communication? It’s great that I passed in UP but I really wanted to take up Psychology. I love talking about anything with other people so… I guess… okay fine, I can take Devcom. It sounds good naman so why not!

At the time, I wasn’t confident about my writing. We did those essay exercises in high school but I wasn’t part of the school paper nor did I compete in any writing competition. I, ehem focused on the sciences. NAKS! I know right! Are you guys surprised?! Me too! Seriously though, my first sem in UPLB was intense crossroads crisis. It was fun but I wanted to shift already. Ayoko magsulat! I blog but I don’t write about serious stuff. I can talk to people but I don’t think I can articulate the stories well on print. They look and sound better in my head.

Fast forward to my 2nd year, I was still very much a Devcom student about to enter the world of The Devcom Series (DEVC20, 30, 40, 50 — BEST SEM EVER!!! No sarcasm here). DEVC20 was the course I feared the most – it’s Fundamentals of Development Journalism. Oops Belay, paano ba ‘yan. Wala na talaga akong takas! I struggled but I think I did well. When it was time to pick our majors, I decided to take Science Communication and listed Devjourn courses as my other DEVC subjects. Makapal mukha ko? I would like to think that I wanted the challenge… and I needed it.

Writings page in my portolio. See! Writing courses came in handy! ❤

As much as I want to escape from writing, I can’t and I didn’t. It haunted me every sem and by my last Devjourn major course, I still wasn’t comfortable with the process. Thinking of a development-oriented topic (this was the most difficult), seeking the best sources, scheduling for an interview, transcribing, and writing it all down. All my articles are products of sweat, blood, and heart. It wasn’t a fabulous job but I loved every bit of it. Most importantly, I’ve grown to love writing and my writing. 

The below ‘tips’ helped. I am not an expert but these are what I know and what I’ve been taught. I still commit some boo-boos but hey, I’m still learning!

  • Write to EXPRESS not to IMPRESS.
  • KISS – keep is short and simple
  • Write with a purpose and specific target audience in mind.

You see, I am anything but an eloquent writer. I don’t know words that will make me look smarter or will make your nose bleed to death. However, I would like to think that I am relatable. I want to be the writer who connects to her audience with ease. To be able to be that kind of writer, all I need are the 3 Ps – my pen, my paper, and the passion for listening and story-telling (sticking with the facts, of course!).

I’ve always been insecure about my writing but I’ve grown to love my style. I know that I still have a long way to go. Everyday is an opportunity to commit mistakes, it’s never too late to edit and revise.


2 thoughts on “Turning write”

  1. I agree… As much as I love to write, I’ve always been insecure about it. I must have read this sentence three times before hitting publish 🙂

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