Things I find pretty

Who’s a happy person who tinkered with Adobe Photoshop for 3 whole hours? After 9 months, I finally installed it in my lappy! I missed this. I missed editing, I missed spending hours over something just to make it look better. People are just instagram-ing nowadays. Guilty din naman ako coz it’s so instant (kaya nga sya instagram.. Duh).

I downloaded a lot of psd files on Tumblr and read some tutorials online. I ended up editing 9 photos, all of which were taken by yours truly. ❤

Lazy Saturdays
They kept me company
Of castles and fake stars
Lupang Hinirang
Hong Kong

Ang waley ng titles I know! Lols. Some these photos were for my DEVC140 subject, some taken in HK, and some are from random stuff you can find in my room. I’m not a good photographer but I have a knack for taking pictures. It’s been a while since I went out, clicked and snapped away. I’m in such a creative mood. Maybe I should do that tomorrow.

So what do you guys think? Pasado na rin ba sa inyo? 🙂 No pressure! Hahahaha!

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