This time last year, I–

I graduated.

Excuse me while I reminisce and weep about the good ol’ days.

Chos! Seriously though, I have a thing for celebrating / commemorating / whatever milestone anniversaries. Especially this one! By far, my college graduation was the happiest day of my 21 years of existence. Hindi ako cheesy, totoo ‘yan! Isipin mo, for how many years akong nag-aral and it came to that day – April 26, 2011 – kung saan lahat ay nagtipon-tipon para sa aming pagtatapos.

My only regret is — I wish I savored every moment of my college life more. Mind you, di naman ako nagmukmok sa dorm at nag-aral lang, nagpaka-social butterfly din naman ako! But still, I miss college. I miss the independence, the freedom to do anything, the baon, the spontaneous road trips, hang outs sa CPark or Freedom Park (nung hindi pa uso ang rape, hold up, or any crime – LB was the safest place I know), and even the group meetings, GAs, exam reviews, EVERYTHING.

We’re so happy and we know it!

It felt too fast. I’m not sure if I changed… I don’t feel that I have though. Sabi ko nga kay JM, parang ang dami-dami nang nagbago, ang bilis. Everything changed drastically yet gradually. Paano nangyari ‘yun? Hindi ko din alam. I guess it’s just how life goes.

It’s been a year, you guys. Ang tagal ng isang taon pero parang kahapon lang, kakatanggap ko lang ng diploma ko. Ni hindi ko pa alam kung anong gagawin ko sa buhay noon. All I wanted was to rest, sleep, and pig out. Or maybe start a band or be a popstar. Chos ulit.

After April 26, 2011, I didn’t have a plan, a goal, or even a dream. It all ended that day and it felt that a big part of me was lost. But it didn’t. It’s too cliche but it was just the beginning of endless possibilities, of infinite hopes and dreams (naman). Finally, I can be who I want to be. Ngayon, medyo at a crossroads pa din but I now know what I want. I’m just figuring out how to get there.

Ang dami kong emote but what I’m trying to say is, to the Batch of 2012, I know ang end goal lang of every student is to graduate. After that, ano na? What comes next? If you already have it all figured out then good for you. If not, join the fresh graduate club! Where everything is unknown and scary. Hihi.

What comes next is this: Find another dream. It’ll be hard, and you’ll get frustrated but it’s going to be worth it. Eureka moment ang peg! It’s okay to feel confused and lost. Eventually, it’ll hit you like a big yellow bus. Waley.

Happy birthday to us, UPLB Class of 2011! Parteyyyyy! ❤ *gulong sa Freedom Park*

PS Sorry I suck at ending blog posts. Wala akong sense of conclusion.

PPS I also don’t have a sense of continuity.


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