The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Vol 2

I was really psyched when I checked my fangirl twitter account and saw Joe (wow close) and hitRECord‘s announcement about The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Vol 2!

I’m happy for three reasons:

1. The Tiny Book Of Tiny Stories unleashed the creative writer in me (which I often think I don’t have, still finding her!) and be able to actually contribute something. It’s some sort of my creative / emotional outlet. All the tiny stories I contributed were based from past and present heartaches, fears, and desires. Now that there’s an official announcement from the team, it kind of pushed me to be creative… haven’t had the chance to be in quite some time, btdubs.

2. I am in love with the first volume. Every tiny story is heartfelt, written and illustrated well. It didn’t disappoint and I am sure as fugg that the second volume won’t either!

The day I got my tiny book!

3. There’s a chance that my ideas / stories / creative whatevers could be a contribution to the book. See, hitRECord is a pretty cool community where budding / frustrated (I’m here!) / legit artists come together, share work, and collaborate to create something that is made of awesome.

It’s an opportunity for EVERYONE. This is what I like best about hitRECord. Everyone has an equal chance to get picked and published. Everyone can contribute, share, and collaborate. People can write a story, draw something for an existing story, or even edit — the works!

hitRECord’s twitter account’s pretty active. It’s been encouraging people to contribute whatever they have or can. Take me for instance! I told you guys I’m a frustrated creative writer/doodler wannabe, but you’ll never know ok. I got hearts and recommendations from other artists. The community appreciates. Period.

You can start contributing here!


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