Loved and appreciated at 21

I celebrated my 21st birthday last Tuesday, April 17. I was very mum about it especially at the office. Kasi… wala lang. I don’t really want to make a fuss about my birthday or anything, I just want it to be any other day (only I’m focused to making it full of good vibes). It was my first birthday spent 1) away from home, 2) away from family and college friends and my best-est friends, 3) without videoke or partying, 4) working at the office. It was fine, really. I understand that my parents and friends have work (ajujuju) so I opted to work too! HAH! Kala niyo ha!

I was flooded with birthday greetings at around 12am! Friends were texting, tweeting, and BBM-ing. I slacked a bit before going to work (hihi) and arrived at the office around 10am. First thing I did wat to get my laptop (we call it TP). When I opened it, let’s just say I was surprised with what I saw. Nakanganga talaga ako.

Eeeeehhh! My TP monitor was filled with birthday greeting post-its from my office mates! The one on top is from my boss. That’s the first one I read and it made me cry. HIHI. I was just too overwhelmed! I didn’t want to remove them kaso hindi ako makakapagtrabaho. Hello! Hello! I was too happy. ❤

IT DIDN’T END THERE OF COURSE COS I HAVE THE SWEETEST FRIENDS. I logged in to Facebook and my news feed was full of my face. Most of my closest friends changed their DPs, a photo with me and a birthday message. HUHU. My Facebook timeline looked like a memorial of some sort! Hihi.

More was posted but weren’t part of the collage. Hihihi. Collage was created by my BFF Hydra and the Facebook movement thing was my BF Sosep‘s idea. I was too kilig and overwhelmed! Oops, overwhelmed is an understatement. I was too… I don’t know. All the good words, the effort, everything was too much.

I went out for lunch with the Enablement Team, Megan, Kariz, and Bea. Then treated my boss and other managers pizza during our management meeting. It was a normal day but was full of awesome. Choz!

Last Friday night was my birthday celebration (extended version!) with my college friends. We went to the Fort and laughed our crazy asses off. We dined at TGIFriday’s (sobrang MacLaren’s ang peg!) and they surprised me with a muffin! Hihi. The waiters yelled something, akala ko mag-a-announce lang sila ng Happy Hour pero birthday ko pala. Charaught! Surprised na naman ako!

Lakas maka-How I Met Your Mother!

Pressured ako sa pagwi-wish dahil yung katabing table nakatingin sakin! Hihi.

I thank God for blessing me with opportunities, happiness, and love. But most of all, I thank Him for He has given me the most amazing, incredible, the sweetest set of friends any person can have. I thank Him and them for making my 21st birthday my best-est birthday so far. I have never felt so appreciated and loved. Walang dista-distansya sa pagkakaibigan! Ain’t no mountain high enough ang peg! ❤

Thank you guise, really. I love you all, alam nyo ‘yan. :*


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