Goodnight Tree Hill: An Open Letter


I know it’s weird. Me writing this so-called open letter to a TV series. I may look silly and OA but I’m seriously having separation issues. It’s been 6 years Tree Hill. Time flies too fast… I know I couldn’t hold on to you much longer. I know that there will come a time that this, all of it, you are going to end. Eventually. And that time is here… tomorrow, you will bid good night to all of your fans. To everyone who have grown to love you. To me. (insert big sigh here)

As I type this, my heart is racing. Must be because of the caffeine and it’s 1:41AM here in the Philippines. You’ve been 9 years on the air, but it’s only in 2006 when I started watching you. I was heartbroken, fresh from a break up, when I stumbled upon that Brucas scene at a local channel.

“What I want? I wanted you to fight for me!”

“How am I supposed to know that?

“You just are.”

It was only just a teaser for OTH’s season 3. I decided to finally watch it because 1) I was in need of another form of entertainment; 2) That Brucas scene got to me; and 3) I have the biggest crush on Chad Michael Murray. The first OTH episode I watched was the one when the gang went to Rachel’s beach house with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. And Nathan proposed to Haley again. It felt short for me (cos it’s only ONE episode) so I decided to buy Seasons 1-3 DVDs. I finished all 3 seasons in 2 weeks. I didn’t sleep much.

From then on, One Tree Hill became a part of my life.

The episode where I cried the most was aired 2 weeks ago — Danny Boy. I cried for the whole hour I was watching it. It was hopeful, heartbreaking, yet full of happiness at the same time. That scene with Keith, was priceless. It automatically ranked as my most favorite OTH episode.


“Hi Danny.”

Thank you for bringing Brooke Davis into my life. She is my personal heroine (not the drug). I adore and admire her. Most of my friends who watch Tree Hill like Peyton more… I have nothing against Peyton, I just think Brooke is more inspiring. She started really low and slowly, gradually, redeemed herself as seasons went by. She faced a lot of challenges but was still able to get up and fight. She’s a powerful woman with a pure, kind heart. I am glad that finally, she got the happiness she deserved.

I wouldn’t let this letter go to waste without mentioning my favorite couple in the world. Nathan Scott and Haley James. I see myself in Haley in some ways — she and Brooke, actually. I am not the nerdiest person in the planet but I am grade conscious and an achiever. And quite competitive as well. Nathan, on the other hand, sees Haley as someone who is almost perfect that he needs to be better to be good enough to be seen with her (as he mentioned in season 1). They’re the most ideal couple, with the compromises they made, that they sound too not-so-real anymore. It’s not for me though. As perfect as they may be, I am hoping that someday I’ll find a love that is similar as what they have found. It may not be exactly it but, I will find my own Nathan Scott. Thank you Naley, your love gave me hope.

First kiss (c) fyeahtvspam@tumblr

Thank you for a lot of things, dear Tree Hill. Thank you for teaching me forgiveness and redemption. Thank you for teaching me to believe that everything is going to be okay, if I just close my eyes and breathe. Thank you for making me believe in hope, that it all gets better… because if it doesn’t in the first place, it will eventually. Thank you for Brooke and Peyton’s friendship. Thank you for Mouth’s determination and appreciation for true beauty. Thank you for Nathan’s love for his family. Thank you for Lucas’ words. Thank you for Peyton’s art and music. Thank you for Brooke’s heart and strength. Thank you for Jamie’s honest innocence. Thank you for Julian, he makes everything better for Brooke. Thank you for Quinn, Clay, Millie, Alex, Mia, Chase, Chuck, and Skills. Thank you for Dan, Deb, Coach Whitey, Keith, and Karen. Oh, and to Chris Keller too.

Thank you Tree Hill.

Thank you, and good night.

with love,


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